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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2769426

located in modern day earth, a part of Stolen Company, one of the many universes on RPG.

modern day earth



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The green haired girl struggled for a few moments, sobbing silently into the gag around her mouth. She cried for what felt like an entirety, but it was only a few moments before someone came to her rescue. As the doorknob jiggled unlocked, Aimee perked up, instantly hopeful. Unfortunately, it did not take long for her to realize that this was not her savior, but in fact someone much more gruesome.

Aimee would have let out a muffled shriek had her throat not closed up at the sight of her captor. As her keeper locked the door behind himself, she caught sight of what appeared to be wings, tucked tightly to his back. Of course, this made no sense to the poor child, who believed that she must have been drugged at some point. Some kind of hallucinogen mixed with a date rape drug, she assumed.

She let out a muffled whimper as he made remarks about wanting to give her a proper surprise. Of course she fell into the clutches of a psychopath who saw this as a game. Aimee was particularly terrified at how sorry he truly sounded that her blindfold had fallen to rest around her neck. What would he have done if I couldn't see him.... would he have... Her mind wandered to what kinds of sexual, or nonsexual, abuse could have fallen upon her. She looked into his eyes as he bent over her, and suddenly the night before vaguely came back into her memory. IThe boy... he had asked me.... What had he asked me.... She knew without a doubt it was him, but the details were lost upon Aimee. Like trying to recall a dream the morning after, Aimee only could pinpoint the details that didn't seem to help. Once again, she found herself lost in his eyes, there was something about them that seemed to intrigue her, and for a brief moment all her fears faded away.

She looked around his face, noticing his pointed and expressive ears. What the.... As he reached out to touch her, she did her best to not flinch to avoid him. Aimee knew this was not someone to decline in any way, and she could only hope that indulging him would lead to her freedom. She shivered, feeling the hairs along her neck and spine begin to rise; there was something off about his touch. Was she even drugged, or was he something else entirely? She closed her eyes and thought of the books she read as a child, but knew that he was nothing like the mysterious fae she grew up loving.

Aimee nodded her head slowly, and then eagerly, showing that she wouldn't scream if he took off her gag. She already knew what her first question would be for her new "guardian."

What are you?