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located in Hogwarts, a part of We Solemnly Swear..., one of the many universes on RPG.




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The feeling of a hand on his head shocked Lys out of whatever reverie he was in. It took him a moment to realise that Scorpius Malfoy of all people was talking to him. The head rub had been a little rough, enough to make Lys wonder if he was being teased or legitimately chastised. It felt like a very… un-Scorpius type gesture, one that made Lys know that there was something in his system. It took him a moment to process Scorpius’ words. But once he did, his cheeks flushed red, and he turned away, staring into the crowd. Scorpius at least had a point.

It'd be a lovely way to die.

James would know. Vaguely aware of Lys’ presence while the party grinded on like static in the background. The euphoria's got him laced and lit on a neon wave, caught in the haze between blind ecstasy and selfish amusement when he rolls his hips to the beat of the music and Ted’s bites become more teeth and less restraint. Blunt nails in his hair. Under his clothes. Digging into his ribs. James finally pauses to breathe, grabbing fistfuls of Teddy's shirt to force the kid back while he raises up on his knees, mind suddenly clear enough to know he wants more of whatever's left on the counter.

Then James finally sees him. Lys. Lingering in the crowd like the quiet noise in the back of a room. No more soft dimples and smiling eyes, suddenly every bit the hungry, hollow, hesitating kid he'd seen before. In small glances. At the Potter family dinner table. When innocence and intent didn't exactly line up, a crack James could see through like he'd put it there himself.

And fuck it. Maybe it was just James' night to make moves. He stands up and grabs a drink off the counter, drags a hand through Ted's mop of hair one last time, a silent pace yourself teddy bear. Night's not over yet.

"Hey," James grins, maneuvering around until he's finally in front of Lys, "don't look so lost, man."

A lovely way to die, indeed. When James appears in front of Lys, it’s those words that ring through Lys’s mind. The haze of the drugs is still there, making things seem blurry, out of focus. Everything except James. He doesn’t know how to react, he doesn’t know how to feel. He doesn’t know how much time has passed, but he grins.

“Don’t feel quite as lost now that you’re here,” he says, stepping closer to James, making eye contact and managing to hold it. Those green eyes, the eyes he’d made contact with so many times only to glance away, that messy hair he’d been distracted by so many times. Almost without even thinking, he runs a hand through James’ hair, his hand moving down to brush against James’ jaw.

There's a response on the tip of James' tongue. Hands all too ready to grab Lys by the collar and drag him back to the spot he and Ted had carved out for themselves, but the unexpected touch shocks him into silence. Heat rising up in his chest when he looks into carob eyes. He'd never seen that kind of edge to the kid and instantly wonders who's been keeping him occupied, 'cause it sure as shit wasn't James. Or maybe it's just the party bringing out all the darker spaces in Lys.

How much more could he get? The thought burns in the back of James' skull when he inches closer to Lys, leaving just enough space to raise a drink to his lips. "Good," he cheers. Way too smug. Smiling too wide. As if his body had had enough and couldn't contain the emotion any longer. The drink leaves the burn of something minty down his throat when he looks back at Lys, every bit the missing center to James' tangled mess, practically daring when he asks, "wanna taste?"

Shit, whatever Teddy had given him really was good. Because there’s nothing there. No fear, no self-consciousness, nothing that held him back. Nothing that questions how James could want him. It feels as though there’s only enough thoughts there for self-preservation. And maybe not even then. But that grin, even as the smugness shines through, it’s all Lys can think about right then.

So at the slightest invitation, a dare, a question that doesn’t even feel like a question, Lys’ lips are against James’, his hands in that dark mess of hair again, tasting the mint of whatever it was he’d just drank. Lys didn’t care. He didn’t want to know. He didn’t want to think in that moment, or have anything that would tear him away from this moment. It’s like a breath of fresh air he never realised he needed. Lys knows already that he’s hooked, and he doesn’t care. Because it’s him, and it’s James, and does anything else even matter?

The shocks gone now. All white noise and pounding heat in James' ears when his hands end up buried in Lys shirt, greedily pulling him as close as the two can get, a teaser and a warning James can't put the words to. Just bites down on Lys' lip like that action alone could keep him sated when the drugs in his veins have him more than tempted to bust the kid's spine right there. Shit. Could he just-

What's the opposite of a kiss? He's had enough of the bass-saturated air pressing down on him even if the smell of muggle weed and whisky could practically lull James to sleep on his worst day. Lys' touch has a different kind of electricity welling up under his skin. Behind his eyes. In his chest. Has him practically whining in the most ravenous way, eager to sink his teeth into something new. The words are slow and low when James wraps his arms around Lys neck, slurs, "two's fun and all but uhh," then barely nods in Ted's direction, something tremendously loud in such a small gesture. Lys may of been the view James saw when falling, but Ted was the force that threw him over the edge.

Or, maybe, two boys were just better than one. “If you’re with it…”

Lys doesn’t realise he’s breathless until James moves away, enough for him to catch his breath. There’s something there now, making him want more, feeling like there’s electricity humming in his skin from every single touch. He doesn’t want to let go right now, doesn’t want to lose this feeling.

He finds himself staring for a moment at James as he tries to process what he means. Somewhere, for just a second, jealousy rears its head at the thought of being abandoned in favour of someone else. And then what he actually means hits Lys. His sluggish and spinning thoughts don’t let him dwell on it. He just knows what he wants, who he wants, and realises he doesn’t give a shit if he has to share. Especially not if it’s with Teddy.

“Yeah,” Lys says simply, a little breathlessly. If he can see the ideas welling up behind James' glazed eyes, he doesn't say anything -- not that James minds. Just rises up on his toes to kiss him again before grabbing Lys by the wrist and leading him back to Teds.

Teddy had been staring unabashedly at the two forms in front of him, his eyes lidded and smile slow and lazy. He sort of felt like touching but instead settled for the intrinsic beauty of watching. Voyeurism, it seemed, could be just as hot as the real thing. He also wasn't too sure about his motor functions at the moment, James mouth had put his body in a state of comatose pleasure. Teddy's eyes were trained on the spot between flesh, where lips met and skin burned hot when suddenly James filled his entire vision. "Teddy," James sings over the music, letting go of Lys to crouch down beside his friend. "You okay? Lys says he's feeling charitable."

His smiled shuddered, hair slicking through with shades of black and blue- he kind of felt like stealing the prize in front of him when James's words caught up with him.

"Charitable?" Teddy cocked his head and struggled to look passed James for the small curly hair of blonde, "Oh, Lys, fuck yeah. I can share."

"c'mon, then," James laughs, pulling teds off the floor before slinging an arm around him and Lys and heading towards the door.

written w/ icat and iv.
thanks for the collab, guys!