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located in Tinsley's Villa, a part of Loving Thy Enemy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tinsley's Villa

a Large villa, owned by the Tinsley Family


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Los Angeles - 8:10 PM - Tinsely Villa


Celeste watched Niko enter the foyer with slightly slitted eyes. This was her opportunity to truly study the man, and she was not going to let the opportunity pass her by. As he sauntered over, she felt her stomach drop. She had an innate urge to trust the man, but she couldn't simply forget that they were essentially assigned to one another like some collegiate group project.

Celeste didn't bother to move over as he sat down beside her, allowing her legs to brush against his. She crossed and uncrossed her legs, making her ankle to trail up along his calves. Strong.... She smiled, letting her walls drop once again. It seemed to be happening throughout the night. Her mood was ranging from guarded to enthralled, and she feared her temper and mood was going to drop drastically at any moment. She knew she would need to address the issue of her violent mood swings at some point.

She looked over at him, and was excited to find that he was brave enough to look her directly in the eyes. They did not stray to linger at her chest, or hunt around the features of her face, he simply looked her directly in the eyes- and she loved it. Gently, without looking away from him, she grabbed one of his hands. Being careful to hold it lightly and not intertwine fingers, she brought their hands to her lap.

"Your future wife...." She started with a sigh, "What a concept, isn't it? Now that we are alone we can speak freely about this. Truly, I do not wish to be miserable. If I am forced by my father to be given away, I would like to find some form of happiness in the transaction. That said, I want to know what your expectations are of me." She gave him no time to respond, but simply continued into a monologue.

"I am aware of what people say about me. Not all rumors are true but many are. I question what you may think of me based off of what little you know already. Tonight, you are seeing me as the debutante my father has raised me to be. But it is not reality. None of this is. The feast, the music, the small chatter in the room next to us, none of it is real. I believe you must also understand that. I am not simply a gowned woman with the ability to enchant a room on command; I have.... my fair share of outbursts. It truly is an affliction. To be fair, moments before meeting you I nearly killed a maid for trying to coax me downstairs. My violent tendencies... I wouldn't doubt that you've heard of them. I know the people talk. Is that something you'd even tolerate? I am aware of our age difference, and that you are much more powerful than I am.... I feel myself gravitating towards you, but in truth.... I fear you." At this moment she let go of his hand and looked away, seemingly putting her focus off into the distance, lost in thought.

She took a few breaths before continuing. "Ultimately, I wish to know you. I wish to know why you accept this arrangement, for I know not why you would allow yourself to be put in this position. I want to know how you intend to make marriage work with a stranger, and if you intend to love someone you did not chose. We are no longer being watched, and you don't have to fear the judgement of my fathers court when you're alone with me."

Celeste looked back at him expectantly, biting her lip lightly. In this moment, she wished for another drink.