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The West

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.


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The Lunar and Solar were talking between themselves as they wandered, and Lux only managed to discern the last sentence that Calliope had spoken as she approached the duo with Nāgasāni and a still concealed Astrid. The princess had been speaking of her mother—a formidable warrior...? Yep. Lux could definitely envision someone like that being Calliope’s mother.... She was probably as pink as Calliope was, and as lovely as well.

....she could never be sure if she’d actually known her own parents or not.

She didn’t oft consider the subject, her mind usually otherwise occupied. However, with her better sense still muddled by intoxication, a thought bubbled to the surface, a tiny one that made the Fire Aspect start to nibble on the side of her hand and make her eyes glassy. Her parents...perhaps she knew them, but she could never know for sure. Whatever the truth, more than likely Lux knew that her parents were long deceased. Whether she was born to the bandits who “raised” her or she was brought into their circle through other means, those who she’d call her parents very likely no longer drew breath.

More than a few times she’d heard other people discuss their parents and family—either bitterly, or happily, or somewhere in-between. That was something she could never do in any capacity. The absolute closest thing Lux had to “family” was Vered, who, even at her most affectionate, was distant and impersonal toward Lux. Those could chat about their family, even bitterly, were fortunate, in a sense. At least they knew....

Lux stood by, quietly as Nāgasāni offered up a most genuine apology to Ashen and Calliope, her green eyes distant and expression vacant as her foggy mind filled with acrid thoughts once again. The longer they were in there, the more they burned and stung. The grip that Lux had on the bunched up bundle of fabric in her arms tightened, and the pace of her breathing seemed to increase.

So out of it was she, that she missed Nāgasāni looking her way following her apology...Lux said nothing and simply continued to ruminate, too easily consumed by her thoughts.

As moments of silence turned into seconds, and Lux still did not seem as if she was going to respond in any manner, Nāgasāni found herself growing concerned. The Terrestrial had seemed to slip into some kind of momentary state of melancholy before, but had perked up rather swiftly...? Perhaps, it was happening again? The young woman was still rather intoxicated, and it seemed as if she was inexperienced with alcohol in any capacity.... Likely, that Golden Rhapsody she’d rapidly consumed in the baths was affecting her hard and making her far more emotional then she was when sober. Chances were that even the most passing emotion or sentiment was magnified for her, meaning she was overly quick to both laughter and tears.

What, exactly, was bringing Lux to near tears at the moment, Nāgasāni hadn’t the faintest idea. The handmaiden had been hoping that Lux would, or could, help to lessen the awkwardness of the whole situation.... Apparently, that was not going to be the case, as she seemed utterly lost within herself. Perplexed, Nāgasāni stood herself back up straight, being mindful of the unmoving serpentine Astrid that was coiled around her forearm. Whatever the Lunar Chieftain had planned for Calliope and Ashen, she’d yet to put into action—perhaps the situation was not quite right to do so yet.

The head handmaiden looked upon the duo, wordlessly apologizing yet again, before she attempted to edge closer to Lux in order to determine what was upsetting her so, before...said Terrestrial’s shoulders shuddered and she let out a strained noise that made Nāgasāni jump a bit from its abruptness. And before she could say or do anything to amend the situation, Lux was sniffling and mindlessly rubbing at her eyes, a raw, angry spot having formed along the area of her hand where she’d been nibbling on it.

Flabbergasted, “L-Lay Lux?” was all Nāgasāni could manage out at the moment. She reached her hand out in Lux’s direction before retracting it, remembering Astrid’s presence.

A soft sigh emerged from Lux, as she wiped at her eyes. “S’rry, didn’t mean t’cry.... Just...thinkin’ ‘bout m’parents....”

Being Fakharu’s handmaiden, Nāgasāni knew a bit about Lux...but there were also many things about the girl that were a mystery. One of those things regarded the girl’s parentage. Given Lux’s tears, Nāgasāni could only surmise that she either very much missed her parents or...tragedy. A soft and easy smile formed over Nāgasāni’s features and she beckoned Lux over to her. Still sniffling, Lux heeded the handmaiden’s silent gesture. The handmaid merely set a hand atop the small girl’s head, whilst keeping close to her the one that bore Astrid.

“My dear Lady Lux, it is all right to cry.” she comforted the girl, “I believe you’re just...perhaps a tad more emotional than you would usually be, courtesy of the alcohol you consumed earlier.”

Swallowing back a pitiful hiccup, Lux could not bring herself to meet Nāgasāni’s eyes, as she nodded along in agreement, the thoughts dragging her down slipping back into the fog of her mind. Her nose was red and irritated now, while her eyes were puffy. “Y-Yeah, s’probaly...that....” the Terrestrial sniffled rather loudly this time, trying to clear her head and the tears. “S’just the alco’ol...don’t thin’ I’ll be hav’ng more for a’while....”

Nagasani giggled gently, “I do believe it would be best if you did not...indulge with such gusto again anytime soon.”

A small pout formed on Lux’s face, making the girl look much like a child again. “But...I d’have fun....” she sighed, “The bath w’ you and As’rid was fun! The pr’tty dresses! Fun, fun, fun....” And as quick as the girl had cried before, she was already smiling again, brightly, as she thought of pretty dresses and other fun things. It was definitely the remnants of her intoxication making her so very...emotive....

Nāgasāni cleared her throat, and turned her gaze back upon Calliope and Ashen.... Who knew what they were thinking of the situation.