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Tinsley's Villa

a Large villa, owned by the Tinsley Family


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Niko von Lunkhofen - FC: Aidan Turner - Hex Code = #BF0000

Los Angeles - 8:45 PM - Tinsely Villa

Niko waited for her to be finished, unable to hide the smile on his lips fading into a small smirk of discomfort. What are his expectations? Why he accepted this arrangement? these were the questions that made him think the most, for he wasn't really sure himself in the past he had seen marriage as really only for one purpose, not love or carnal pleasure such things didn't need a piece of paper to happen, but the marriage was for the sole purpose of procreation. Although he feared saying that to a woman who in her own words has violent tendencies.

Niko took a deep breath and sighed, "Well, that's the real mystery, isn't it? Why did I ask for your hand?" He could tell her the real reason, that her father forced him to, that he was as much of a prisoner as she was in this, but that didn't sit well with Niko. The idea that she might hate or distrust her father made him warry, to tell the truth. He knew what it felt like to have a daughter who was angry at you, for decades. Unable to talk to her fearing she'll ripe what's left of your soul from your body. For the first time just then he didn't see Garamond as his enemy here but as a Father, A father with a powerful and vengeful daughter. No, he'd lie:

"I.." he struggled to find the words. "I'm sure you've heard rumors of me as well? Or rather how my family, came about there money?" He knew most vampires had heard rumors of the Von Lunkhofen family being Thieves and Assassins for over a thousand years. It didn't matter which one Celeste knew about, he'd leave that to her imagination. "Well my Grandmother had been the most Nobel and Gentle of my family, having been of Royal blood she never approved of, well the rest of ours' behaviors. I loved my Grandmother a great deal before her passing she informed me of a painting depicted in the final days of the Empire. When she was just a girl with Tutors, Governesses, and Maids surrounding her. She told me it had been taken when the Empire fell, but she didn't know where it was. She tasked me with uncovering its location and bringing it back to her. After so many decades of searching for it, I discovered that your father was the last to own it. I don't want to bore you so I'll sum up the rest of what happened, I was caught, and there were only two things I knew to do." Niko paused, trying to sum up his thoughts, in truth Garamond forced him into the marriage on pain of death, using an old Vampire costume seldom used in modern times.

"Have you heard of 'Mors a Conjugium' before?" He asked. It means Death by Marriage, it's an old costume that was used in the Roman era, at the rise of the old Empire. I would mean a person sware loyalty above all to one person showing it by marrying the person's blood. It was used back in those days as a humiliation tactic, forcing a vampire to have little purpose other than breeding. Niko, continued "When your father caught me, with the painting I spouted off Mors a Conjugium, not thinking he'd hold me to it. But as you know he did, and here I am." He tried to sound as convincing as possible when speaking this lie but it wasn't easy it was one thing to lie to the security officer at the Louver to gain entry to the secret vaults, quite another to start a marriage off in deception. Not ideal at all for Niko.

Niko fiddled with the small box in his pockets, before speaking again. "I do hope in time, you'll find some happiness with me, yes I've heard a few rumors of you but I never put too much thought into them before. Your Brother, Gringoire described those rumors as ridiculous. " Niko grinned swiftly and continued without divination or repetition. "As for who I am, personally and what I expect from this marriage." he spoke in a low, sultry tone as he wiped a loose strand of hair from Celeste's face, looking deep into her eyes as he nuzzled her chin gently. Moving his lips to hers, he kissed her and felt a whirlwind of emotions fly around him. He wanted to rip her dress off, to ravish her and take her as his right there. He'd locked himself away for so long, denying himself primal lust, that at this moment all his mind was able to think about was his wedding night.

He pulled from her gently and whispered to her one last time, "All I desire is a family..." He kissed her once more, before pulling away and apologizing for his forwardness.

In the Parlor, the music stopped for a moment and Garamond spoke loudly "Shall we stop for a moment please and give a moment of silence for those who we've lost in this feud that will soon be over. My Brother, Malik and his wife Angelique" At which Narissa bowed in remembrance for her parents. "As well as, Princess Margarita Teresa, and the rest of the Bridegroom's family." Garamond pointed to a large painting in the middle of the parlor, of a young girl with maids and tutors attending her. No one noticed the singer of the evening sneak out, and head for the servant entrance her steps creeping to Celeste's bedroom as if she was looking for something.

Gringoire and Elene, on the other hand, found their way into the Foyer sometime later with big smiles. "Aw I see the new couple are getting to know eachother that's good!" He exclaimed, Elene mearly nodding in agreement. "Little sister, tell me how do you like this ramp scallion?" Greg asked.