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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

Snippet #2769926

located in modern day earth, a part of Stolen Company, one of the many universes on RPG.

modern day earth



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She was nearly relieved when he left the room, it gave Aimee a moment to calm herself down in peace. With her thoughts racing, the scared girl couldn't seem to control her emotions at this point. What Aimee feared the most, however, was that she felt like she was almost expecting something like this to happen. Some form of anticipation or pessimism, perhaps. Not that she predicted this exact event occurring, but rather like she knew something bad was going to happen to her very, very soon. She did note, with some disappointment, that he was sure to lock the door, diligent in keeping her cooped up with no chance of escape.

When he returned with chains, Aimee nearly fainted. She had been hoping for food, even water, and Aimee was once again disappointed. She questioned whether this was some kind of kink, or a different sort of game, keeping her locked up with chains reeked of BDSM. He gently put the new cuffs on her, handling her limbs so delicately that she questioned whether this creature would ever truly hurt her. She hoped that if she was stuck there forever with Itzal, at least she wouldn't be harmed. Unless he was saving that for later....

Finally, he answered her question about what he was- Aimee's skin went completely cold when Itzal grinned wildly in such a childish manner. The day prior, she never would have imagined being kidnapped and held captive, and now she's finding out that demons were real. She was thankful that she was sitting still, or she likely would have broken down, collapsing pathetically to the floor. Weren't demons supposed to be horribly evil? Ugly beasts with great power? Aimee pondered this, and asked a new question.

"Is... Is this what you always look like?" She shrank into herself, tucking her chin to her chest, but not before looking him over again "Aren't demons supposed to look... different?" She prayed this didn't coax him to show his true form, she wasn't sure she could handle much more this evening. Instead of giving him the chance to answer, questions began to fall from her mouth like bricks made from fear.

"Also, is this where you're going to keep me? Trapped in a room for the rest of my days?" She laid on the dramatics, eager to see how he would answer her. She was positive he would say that she was meant to stay there, but she found herself enjoying almost enjoying his theatrics.

"And lastly, do things...." She cringed, before continuing, "Demons, I mean. Do demons eat? Drink water? Because if you intend to keep me, you should maybe consider that ah..." She sighed, realizing she was sounding a bit bitchy, recalling the need to be on his good side. "I mean, I have needs, ya know?"