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located in Tinsley's Villa, a part of Loving Thy Enemy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tinsley's Villa

a Large villa, owned by the Tinsley Family


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Character Portrait: Niko von Lunkhofen Character Portrait: Celeste Lianne Tinsley
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Niko von Lunkhofen - FC: Aidan Turner
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Los Angeles - 9:20 PM - Tinsely Villa

"Oh so that's what he's been saying?" Niko chucked, "That's funny cause I think I remember the situation quite reversed." he jested with Greg trying to burst his little bubble. "Oh is my English getting muddled, Poor lad means the same in English as it does in German correct?" it's funny how after so many centuries he still sometimes has problems with some English words, mostly just to annoy his friends. Gringore didn't seem too mused, however, and shook his head as if he'd head this joke once too many times, and it was starting to get a little old.

"You know," Greg spoke, "that's not what that means... you've spoken fluent English the past two centuries." Greg shook his head.

Niko, frowned as he stood up, taking Celeste's hand in the prosses. "I'm only kidding, but yes the gardens would be nice to see." he smiled happy that she was showing him some of the places she liked to go. Who knows maybe the gardens would turn out to be a good place to give her that gift he's been trying to find the right moment for. "Lead the way," he said as they started through the house, his eyes glaring at the painting only a few hours ago he had looked at with disdain. He was tempted to as her opinion on their "wedding portrait" but decided not to spoil the moment. Greg and Elene followed, them in a silent hush as they whispered amongst themselves.

The gardens were beautifully lit with lanterns and lights flickering in the moonlight, he smiled gently as he admired his bride once more as the moon bounced off her pale skin, and brighten her eyes. "I..." he trailed off, thinking 'yes this is where I want to give her it.' "I wanted to give you this." he pulled out the small box from his pocket, felling the mood was right. "I Know ours isn't a typical engagement, but I... felt as If I should give you something to signify the event." he said opening the small box, reviling a golden ring with sapphires encrusted in the band, and a large diamond resting in the middle. He thought about kneeling on one knee but decided against it instead he just uttered. "It was my Grandmother's ring, said to have been passed down her family for generations with roots back to The Old Empire."