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located in Lunalake Island, a part of Memoria Irae, one of the many universes on RPG.

Lunalake Island

A large island and major hub, Lunalake City is here, along with a few fishing towns situated around the river and lake. In the middle of the lake is a strange clock tower where the governor lives. No one knows why he lives there, he just... does.


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Vortahar was kneeling on the dirt of the Lunalake University 's herb garden, a small bucolic hidden gem, practically unknown to most of the students. Wearing a dirty apron over his tunic, he was having a hard time trying to imbue a simple healing spell in a Witch Hazel flower.

"You are not yourself today, Vort...", Drayden, his herbal lore master, placidly suggested standing behind him. His tall and slender insect form clicked at the slightest movement.
"It's alright, master...I...It's nothing", said Vortahar, trying to dismiss the matter.
"What troubles your mind?", insisted Drayden, crossing his arms and tilting his head making his antennae touch as he usually did when he wanted a straight answer.
"It's just that..." Vortahar hesitates to explain, "with all that Valerian tea you insist giving me, I'll never have my First Vision. All the others are being gifted with wondrous abilities and spells while..."
"We have been through this, boy...", Drayden said rather roughly but then sighed and continued, "Don't you understand? We are facing imminent war. Those that don't control their dreams are being mustered by the dozen for the other side. You are too young and besides, the later you get your First Vision, the stronger it will become."
"If I ever have it...", Vortahar pouted ironically.
"Enough! I don't want to see you around here until you start thinking rationally! Go home now, boy, class is over!", raged Drayden.
"Fine!", yelled Vortahar.

Vortahar quickly dropped the spade and fork he was holding on the earth and left with a sulky face. As soon as he crossed the university's gates a loud blast shook the cobblestones he was walking on. He yelled and crouched with fear covering his ears. People started to run in panic, shouting and tumbling into each other. He realised the blast came not far from the City Hall Building and started to run in that general direction, dodging the people that was fleeing from it. His heartbeat accelerated, his whole body shaking but his young curiosity sometimes made him do stupid things. "Was this the work of the Harlequins?" he thought.

Vortahar was nearly without breath when he saw heavy dark smoke coming from a small crater, a man and two women walking warily towards it, debris scattered all over the place. He decided to watch the scene at a distance behind a rock when his eye caught something very odd: a puddle of coloured liquid close to his feet. He quickly probed his pouch for a small vial and collected a sample of the goo.

Vortahar grins. "Oh, master, you're going to like this." he whispered.