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located in Lunalake Island, a part of Memoria Irae, one of the many universes on RPG.

Lunalake Island

A large island and major hub, Lunalake City is here, along with a few fishing towns situated around the river and lake. In the middle of the lake is a strange clock tower where the governor lives. No one knows why he lives there, he just... does.


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Vortahar was mesmerised by the scene happening before him. He had never seen such manifestation of evil and magic power in a creature. Still crouched behind a rock, he risked a good peek before he had to withdraw and dodge a paint projectile that nearly caught his forehead. What impressed him the most was that people were actually fighting it with extraordinary abilities. He recognised the governor standing near the fight and decides to try a ranged weapon he was secretly tinkering with. Drayden would not have approved, of course, letting a mere apprentice dabble with dangerous substances.

He clumsily reached inside his pouch and takes out a blowgun, actually a long cane tube with handles. Inside a small wooden box, he took a dart and let it absorb a viscous green liquid from inside a small vial. Drayden had told him that Dragonbane, which he stole from the University's dispensary, distilled from the mystic Purple Dulfir flowers that grew near Memoria Tree could knock out large beasts.
Vortahar inserted the dart into the blowgun and took advantage of the confusion when a woman charged the creature with a sword. He inhaled deeply and blowed the tube at maximum force calculating the trajectory of the dart to avoid friendly fire. Due to the size of the monster, it was a very easy target. He followed the dart with blazing eyes as it penetrated the creature's calf.

Vortahar sighed as it seemingly had no effect at all; it didn't flinch or scream. Nothing. But after some seconds, when the fight was getting pretty out of control, he noticed a very slight limp on the creature's left hind leg. He was not sure but it seemed that the monster's attack speed on the whole had lowered by a fraction.