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Neden's eyes widened when Dreux left her side and began to walk away from her, "Y-you said you'd stay by my side!! You coward!!" she exclaimed as she huffed as she looked at him walk off.

Dreux chuckled and gave her a thumbs up and wave as he continued to walk out of the cave and walk back to the boats, "You'll be thanking me later, good luck, Ne!"

Neden's eyes rolled as she looked at him as he disappeared out of the cove, a soft growl exiting her lips as she watched him walk away. And just like that, they were alone, left to talk about whatever it would be. Neden turned back to look at Pau'Ka that stood behind her and awkwardly smiled as she had introduced herself when Neden yelled at Deux for leaving her alone.

"I-I'm sorry about that, Princess. That was...Not okay. My apologies." she said with a light blush and awkwardly rubbed the back of her head, her accent coming out rather strong as she spoke. She gently and rather awkwardly took her hand and returned the handshake, "It's nice to meet you as well. I-I'm sorry for being so awkward, I'm not very good with new people, much like Dreux explained." she said with an awkward chuckle and slightly swayed on her feet, trying to not feel as awkward as she did in that moment.