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Aranaea paled at the message given. ”The North...? I don’t even have enough money for winter clothes!” She shouted in dismay as Zaldir looked at her with an incredulous look.

”I’ll see what I can scrounge up from my business coffers... I’m probably going to have to sell stuff in the next town the ships stop in before we head out.” He said to his sister in Elvish. He gave a small glance towards the High Elf woman and noted that indeed, she was pretty. He could almost see her as being a Noblewoman if he had the chance to.

In the meanwhile Aranaea began to walk with some of the others, until she paused right near a foot of the dark haired elf. She could feel it if only barely. He was radiating heat off him like no tomorrow! Was he a fellow Fire Mage? Only way to find out was to ask him! Moving to walk side by side with him, she decided it was best to get to know at least one of her new group members.

”Hello there. I’m Aranaea Kestal of the Elven Clan of Kestal. Might I have your name?” she asked, bowing her head with the secret intent of scanning the handsome elf’s features. He seemed intriguing, worthy of her attention on her part.

”Steady Naea, You need to play hard to get if there’s a chance.” She scolded herself. But she could tell that he had an air of mystery about him. She wanted to learn more of this Mystery.