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{ethan 'clark' alexander}


The thoughts were beginning to quiet down. Music from Pandora cycled through his head and he focused on the melody. He put emphasis on each word in the lyrics as they ran through his brain. The more he focused on the music, the more he calmed down. Clark was finding that he was easily relaxing around his therapist. He should afraid of this feeling. Of his environment Of this new situation. But instead he felt safe. It was the safest he had felt in a long while. The dark thoughts continued to be pushed away by the music that was playing. He was so in tune to the music that he hadn't even felt Kai sit next to him. "Are you...feeling any better?" The sudden question forced Clark out of his trance. "Hmm?" He looked over to the therapist, concern and guilt still written all over him. The question finally processed in his mind and he nodded in response. "Oh. Yes. I am, thank you." He attempted to give him a soft smile in order to reassure him that the answer was sincere. He reached for the bottle of water and took another sip of it. "Umm t-thank you for opening your home to me." This wasn't typical therapist behavior and it deserved a thank you. It deserved more than a thank you, but that was all he had at the moment. 'You are overstepping. Leave his house.' The thoughts were returning and his body tensed once more. 'He isn't your friend. This isn't kindness. He probably told Marissa about your freak out.' Without hesitation, Clark grabbed the remote and turned up the volume on the music.