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located in Tinsley's Villa, a part of Loving Thy Enemy, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tinsley's Villa

a Large villa, owned by the Tinsley Family


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Niko von Lunkhofen - FC: Aidan Turner
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Los Angeles - 9:45 PM - Tinsely Villa

Niko chucked a little, taking the flower crown from his head and admiring it gently "The Language of Flowers." he remarked remembering the old Victorian custom. He flickered with the crown in his hand a bit before speaking again, admiring her craftsmanship for such a quick rush job. It was truly magnificent if he hadn't just seen her make he would think it would take her hours to make such a small thing.

"Its funny, I've never been given Lavinder by a woman before," he said and Greg started to interrupt him but was quickly silenced by Elene who insisted her husband walk with her once more around the garden leaving the new couple alone, for a little bit once again. "If I remember correctly, Lavinder means 'Distrust' That being said, it's not the worst thing I've been given." Dead leaves come to his mind, which means Sadness. "But that being said, If I am in dead your 'King'" he smiled, and raised the crown over her head, "You are my Queen." He spoke, and kissed her once more, wrapping his arms around her in a gentle embrace. His hands wandered down her back and rested in the crick of her back. Taking in her sent, he seemed to get lost for what felt like hours, he hadn't even noticed the figure approach them until he heard the words.

"Oh My Gosh!' a voice forced Niko, to part and he stood up from the bench only to see Celeste's Step-Mother Standing before them. "Aren't you too getting comfortable out here." the woman smiled, and crossed her arms. "I would be careful with that bench, however, so many memories are stained in that marble," she smirked, implying something dirty. Niko stood up not wanting to sit there anymore.

Narissa looked at Niko and smirked, "Your father wants to have a word with sir." she looked to Niko, then to Celeste. "I'm supposed to give you womanly advice." she smiled enjoying every minute of this.

Niko nodded and leaned in to whisper something to his soon-to-be-bride. "If I'm not back in fifteen minutes send the cavalry." he joked before parting from her.