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Korose. That was his name. She smiled softly as she nodded at his name.”It’s a pleasure. Are you perchance a Fire Mage? You seem to exert an amount of heat.” she asked, getting to the topic of her wishing to talk to him.

In the Meantime, Zaldir was walking behind his sister several paces behind her. He didn’t know what to make of it all, but he gave a silent prayer of thanks to the gods for the chance to finally understand that they were there and his small prayers were at least being heard. He gave a sideways glance towards the High Elf and gave a wave to her.

”Hello. I’m Zaldir, a Magic Blacksmith. May I ask what you are called?” Zaldir said in Elvish. He hoped he would be able to try and establish communication with her using his Elven tongue. If not, well no one could say he didn’t try. Though he was sure if Ardyn saw this and it failed, the horse would be laughing in his own way.