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Vernon Shulls / Carmen ‘Ruffles’ Rufferones

Having stepped up to the seasick lady (Though simultaneously keeping a ‘safe’ distance in case of projectile vomit), Carmen’s attention was diverted as the man named Dreux introduced himself. He was pretty formal, what with the whole ‘Miss’ Schtick. The only person who called her ‘Miss’ was her mother, and even then, that was ‘Little Miss’ and when she was in trouble. Regardless, he also introduced Neden, and the idea of ‘the call’ which was apparently the term for the voices in her head. Of course she knew that, but it was nice to know they knew what it was called too. Yup, she was clued in.

“Just Carmen will do, Droo~. We’re all friends and Callies, right?” Immediately trying to use her newly appropriated term to name the group, Carmen remained chipper that her introduction was going well. "H-hello, C-Carmen. As Dreux here said, we too heard the voice I suppose? A-as for the medicine....I-it would be appreciated. I'm not...not very fond of wanter, nor the sea." Neden spoke up, but clearly she was still under the weather, the poor thing so sick she was stuttering and her voice was changing in pitch. Still, Carmen couldn’t suppress her slight frown that Neden disliked to ocean of all things! She could understand not liking being seasick, but the sea was great! In fact, she’d just have to inform her how wonderful the ocean depths could be-

As Carmen was about to comment, Dreux stepped in once more, clarifying Neden’s upbringing and bringing some much needed context. Oohhhhhh. She didn’t know how to swim! That explained it! Gosh, how weird. Who didn’t know how to swim? She must have really been from the boonies if they didn’t have a lake or anything to dip in. Well, that wouldn’t do at all! Carmen would have to teach her at some point, if they all continued to hang out. But for now, medicine did seem to be the order of the day. Making a gesture where she clapped her flexed bicep, Carmen gave the two a wink and a grin. “You can count on me. I’ll get it right now. Aaaannnddd you two can pay me back with an undisclosed favour.” Smirking, Carmen went to run past them and quickly scoot back to the ship, but was suddenly startled by the appearance of another shouting and appearing out of thin air!

“Ack!” Flailing her arms about to maintain her balance and not collide with the unexpected figure, Carmen gave a faint sigh as she managed to catch her thumping heart. “Geez… Don’t do that! I thought you were a sea witch coming to drag me to the depths for my hubris…” Mumbling out the last part as she recalled a few childhood fairy tales, Carmen quickly stepped around the mystery figure, but decided to answer her question. “And we ARE here as part of a summons. We’re all Callies, though I don’t really know what we were called for…” Musing on this fact, Carmen was going to slip away when some loud but also not that loud stomping from the Succubus called for attention. Impressive she could do that on sand, and also that it did work in drawing everyone’s attention to her.

Being somewhat nearby, Vernon sighed as she aggressively flailed the paper around to try and get both his and everyone else’s attention. He didn’t really intend to read it, but seeing as they were all ‘playing nice’ for the moment, it wouldn’t hurt to accommodate the delusional demoness. How quaint. She was addressing him personally. In his peripheral, Vernon could feel the seething hatred in her eyes, which only served to widen his smirk as he read, stroking his chin. Well now, she certainly was a radical thinker. Vernon hated the overly religious and preachy types, and it seemed that she was one of those. An ignorant one too, especially if she thought those dragons were just for show. Definitely more warning flags that following her as a subordinate would be a foolish idea.

As she stormed off to try and lead the way, Vernon thought about commenting again, but felt a sharp elbow in his side, Carmen having returned up next to him while he’d been reading. Looking to her dryly, he got the message, and simply sighed again, folding his arms in front of himself once more. Probably for the best he didn’t comment. Those fanatical ones never did listen to logic or reason; and her inflated sense of pride in herself seemed to be rivalled only by her naivety. Maybe she’d learn her lesson before meeting an untimely end, but that overconfidence combined with a stupidity to rival Ruffles didn’t give her good odds.

The rest of the group seemed to be in agreement that now was the time to move, but as the dragon moved to cut off Aznyxphia, Vernon immediately tensed, shoving his collection of weapons into Carmen’s hands. “Be ready.” He stated, the mermaid giving a quick nod in response. Vernon was eager to test his mettle against another dragon, but with a horde like this, even he had to concede that it was a suicidal prospect. That said, it would be interesting to see how their ‘Oh so mighty Leader’ handled herself in combat. Extending his hand to claim his first weapon from Carmen, he was surprised to find nothing there, turning to look at the smiling face of his first mate. “It’ll be okay. Wait for it.” Carmen grinned playfully, and although Vernon didn’t know what she was expecting, he trusted her. Moments later, a rumbling filled the earth, and the dragons around them returned to their rest.

"Looks like they're letting us pass after all." The cloaked elven figure spoke, before moving up to lead with Aznyxphia. It seemed that something or someone was allowing them to continue. Reaching over to Carmen, Vernon returned his bundle of weapons to his back and began making his way forward. He hadn’t heard this voice or anything, but the situation had peeked his interest. Evil Kings, dragons, and now a being powerful enough to command them? He could feel his blood boiling. What would it be like to challenge something that powerful? Making his way down the tunnel with others, Vernon made a point of grabbing the back of Carmen’s hair to tug her away from the dragons she was thanking. Little idiot was going to get herself eaten if she wasn’t careful…

Emerging through the cave and travelling across the grasslands, when the group finally came across the goddess herself, Vernon was left in stunned silence, while Carmen faintly gasped as she looked upon the majesty of her enormous form. As the voice, louder than ever rang through Carmen’s mind, she could only faintly nod. Vernon however, clutched his head, hearing her words for the first time. It echoed through him, and faintly, he could feel his body trembling. Was it… Fear? He’d never felt afraid since that day… And yet… Clenching his fist, Vernon steadied himself. She was insurmountable to him, a presence beyond the scope of his world. He needed to become so much stronger. If this truly was the goddess Sil’Eph Niir… Then part of his life he had been living a lie. He was mortal. Human. There was no way he could challenge a being of this power… And yet… he would strive to.

As Aznyxphia continued to prove her inexperience and inadequacy as leader, Vernon watched her stagger and stop, as if frozen in time. Clearly, the goddess had stepped in to stop her assault somehow. It took some time, but then, she was off, flying out of the cove, faintly gesturing for them to follow, but he wasn’t sure how she expected most of them to notice that – They were all a bit focussed on the being in front of them. A leader’s job was to lead, certainly; but it seemed she hadn’t learned how to communicate with her crew and read the room. Watching as everyone in the room took turns to speak to the goddess, clearly receiving answers in their mind, Vernon wondered what he had to say, if anything. As the group heard her explanation, more thoughts crossed his mind, and when prompted by that shadowy elf fellow, he still felt unprepared. Thankfully, he was given more time to think as his first mate Carmen stepped up, and, possibly braver than anyone else in the group, placed a hand against the goddess’s form.

“Whoah… You’re real…” Carmen spoke, gently prodding the scales before shutting her eyes. “You’re… I read about you, but I never thought…” Carmen stumbled over her words a bit as she thought back to her studies at home, the family and life she’d left. Moving up closer and resting her head against the dragon, she began to whisper, hoping the dragon could hear in her mind, but that none of the others in the group would see her weakness. “I heard your call… So I came but… Why me? I’m…” Pausing before she said the words, Carmen didn’t like saying such things, but in front of a goddess, her usual bravado and forced confidence felt as frail as glass. “…I’m a failure. I ran from home… I help pirates raid and pillage to feel needed and important, I steal with them selfishly, and make excuses that it’s just the world we live in… But… When it comes down to it, there has to be so many more qualified than me! You’re a goddess, and you need heroes! Not some castaway mermaid who couldn’t learn more than the basics of divination magic… Surely someone like my Mother or siblings would have been a better choice to call here... I’m not the only one with the blood of the ancestors…”

Watching Carmen speak to the goddess, Vernon finally had his own thoughts come to mind, raising his arm and pointing a fist directly at the Goddess’s eye. “I didn’t hear your call, nor do I have an ancient bloodline. I don’t even care for your plight. All I seek is strength, and worthy opponents. If this Evil King is as powerful as you say, then I see no reason not to fight. You should feel fortunate our goals align.” Grinning, Vernon pulled his hand back in. “One day, I’ll surpass even the gods themselves. When that time comes, I’ll challenge even you, Sil’Eph Niir.” Pivoting on the spot, Vernon had stated what he intended, making his way to leave. Turning to look over his shoulder, he spoke to the others. “The Delmoray is the fastest ship on the sea, and you won’t find a better crew. The Silverstar Pirates we’ll see to it we reach our destination. I’ll see to it that we’re prepared to leave at a moment’s notice.” Striding away, Vernon would leave the group to their discussions with the dragon goddess. None of that concerned him.