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Following Carmen's statement that she was a failure and providing details of her past, the Goddess of Dragons slowly lowered her towering mass of a head to look straight at Carmen, turning her head sideways so one house-sized golden glowing eyeball was resting right ahead of her.

"Dear Child of the Seas, take more heart in yourself and what you can do. One's worth is not measured by the deeds of days gone by or memories which haunt you."

She pulled her head back and up into the sky, peeing down at the group which remained.

"Your worth lies far beyond such trivial matters." She said softly.

"So go now, dear Child of the Seas. Forge your path forward with confidence and grace. And pray, take care of yourself and your friends. In this cruel world where nothing is certain, our bonds become our greatest weapon and our pillar of support."

And then... It was Vernon's turn.

"Child of man, your determination is admirable. However, I pray in due time you'll come to understand that true strength is not recognized by whom you can defeat, or how. It comes from somewhere much deeper and more personal... So go now. And pray, protect yourself well. The Darkness which lies ahead cannot be slain by mortal weaponry alone. You'll need something more."