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The Millennial Fair


It is high noon on April 5th, 1000 OA (Overnan Age), the 1000th anniversary of the empire is upon you and travelers from all over the western region have made their way to the quiet town of Ashnel for a grand fair. A glorious celebration of ten centuries of peace and prosperity. Merchant stalls have crowded the streets selling goods from all over the empire. A melting pot of numerous different races, tribes, clans and professions who have come to entertain and to be entertained. In the center of town is the merchants square where dozens of different vendors sale their wares. Thousands of people big and small, young and old rush about going about their business and enjoying the festivities. In the center of the square, a small stage has been built where a group of magicians are preforming before a large audience. On the edge of the square, you find a large tavern called "Hallow's Inn". One by one the four of you find your way to Hallow's Inn for one reason or another. Within the tavern you find a large, heavy set human man behind the bar serving drinks to a couple dwarves shouting and laughing as they grab their drinks and make their way to a small table. The bar seems relatively empty as the fair outside seems to have drawn most potential customers outside. But you also notice what looks like a lone hooded high elf in the corner of the tavern, a gnome sitting at the opposite table with an elderly red skinned orc and a middle aged man on the table next to the two dwarves continuously downing one dwarven ale after another. A young human woman with golden blond hair can also be seen walking around the tavern, grabbing food from the bar and serving another elderly human woman who takes a seat at a small table next to the front door.