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Vernon Shulls / Carmen ‘Ruffles’ Rufferones

Listening to Sil’eph Niir, Carmen was unblinking as the huge eye stared at her; not scared, but still, frozen to the spot. As the voice filled her mind once more, it told her to have faith and believe in what she could do, along with the others around her. Carmen wanted to with all her might but… Taking a step back to bow at Sil’Eph Niir, Carmen didn’t voice her fears, but her mind was racing a mile a minute. She just had to believe in herself, like the goddess said… But she could be such a screw up! There was no way this would work, there had to be a mistake, the goddess… Carmen swallowed nervously. Was she really trying to challenge the word of a goddess? Sil believed in her… Needed her to succeed, just like the others. Even if Carmen couldn’t see it… Clearly, there was something she could do. The goddess believed in her. So she’d have to believe in herself too.

“I’ll do it. I can’t say whether or not I succeed, but I’ll believe that I can, just like you believe in me! No matter what comes, I’ll give it my best, and try to protect everyone!” Carmen raised her head, bringing back her upbeat confidence in full swing as she brought her hand to her head, cocking her hat with a grin. “After all, I’m the maiden of fortune herself, Carmen Rufferones!” Spinning around to make a ‘cool’ pose to the others, she skipped over. She had to remain positive, no matter how scared she was. Sil’Eph was right. Bonds could be strength, and support was indispensable. She’d be that pillar for all of them if needed. “So, you think they’ll name a constellation after me when we save the world?” Carmen asked to no-one in particular as she re-joined them.

For Vernon, even before the goddess had begun speaking, he’d found his resolve. He had his own strength, and he wasn’t about to abandon it for a new philosophy. In his mind, he conveyed one simple response to her words. “If no mortal blade will work, I’ll simply have to find a blade greater than the heavens themselves. That’s all there is to it.” It was true, he was mortal, and perhaps unfit to take on the demons ahead of them. That didn’t change anything for him. He’d simply have to surpass the gods. Even if it meant he was no longer human. And if he couldn’t become powerful enough to fight them, he’d find a weapon that could. Grinning, Vernon made his way out to the ship to explain to his crew. His passion had been reignited. He was looking forward to the trials ahead.