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“Silence is golden, but to speak… Ah, that truly is worth its weight in coin.”


The quiet air enveloping the inn, barring rowdy laughter coming from the table having a jolly good time of it (the ale certainly playing a large part in that), was a luxury only given in rural towns such as this one. And nowhere was silence more welcomed than in the eyes of the Sisters.

A figure, obscured by shadows in the far corner of the inn, sat idly by; catching glimpses here and there of the activities undertaken by the patrons and workers, and flashing a bemused smile whenever she caught them looking back at her. She had forgotten how peaceful everything could be when whispers were absent and she could simply enjoy a lifestyle the likes of which was essentially impossible if you dealt in shady business practices. It’s that quiet moment when the grains were harvested and new seeds sown for the next, and the woman savoured the time.

Until her services were needed once more…

Entertainment came in many forms, but none were quite so amusing as the looks the young barmaid had given when Bellemere simply mimed wanting a drink. The question that came after, and it always came after, was answered differently depending on the woman’s mood. Sometimes a witch had cursed her with the voice of a toad and therefore she dare not speak, other times her mother had cut out the filth from her mouth. But typically she just left a note saying: “Forgive me, but the Gods were unkind and refused me a voice.”

Today it had earned her a heartfelt apology from the young girl, and a free drink and meal on the house which Bellemere accepted graciously as she always did.

With little else to occupy her time, Bellemere brandished a folded map and a piece of paper. The latter she hastily scribbled on and shoved towards the opposite end of her table, held in place by the now empty mug, before unfolding the map of Oarth and marking several locations and areas as though the woman had been planning a trip around the world.

The note that lay on the table firmly told anyone who’d read it: “Urgent business only.” double underlined.