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Aranaea's cheeks visibly turned red when he told her his magical abilities. "Oh! I'm sorry! I didnt mean to pry! It's rare to see another elf sometimes in my travels, well aside from meeting my brother again after 50 years of separation." She said in apology/explanation. She continued to walk beside Korose, with the desire to speak with him some more.

Zaldir on the other hand, was relieved that his name made it through the language barrier and learned her name. Elena, such a beautiful name for a High Elf. However, when she explained she didn't speak Cal'lik he visibly began to turn beet red, clear up to his ears. "Note to Self, See if I can find anything in my nick nacks to help her understand me better. I can't believe I embarrassed myself in front of a beautiful woman like that. And a High Elf at that!" He thought. He walked by her never the less, trying to at least observe her actions in an effort to get to know her better.