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Alyania Desina had set out from her home in the Scalwood about two weeks ago. Her parents had tasked her with heading to the southlands to gather news and reports from the Greenwood rangers. Alyania made a request to head to the Millennial fair in Ashnel. Though she claimed it was to gather information for the people from all quarters of the Empire, it was in truth that she wished to see the fair. Her parent’s agreed and so she set off.

Alyania had made her way past the old ruins of Korhelm careful to avoid the bulk of the goblin horde that called it home. A few patrols were unlucky enough to cross her path. These met a swift end as Alyania made her way through the open plain and into the Greenwood.

Once in the Greenwood she made her way down river by boat with one of the Greenwood rangers. He gave his report and warned Alyania to be careful going south. He left her with his boat at the outskirts of Ennore. He wished her luck and vanished into the woods.

Alyania passed quickly through Ennore. What she saw there was troubling and her thoughts dwelt on it as she sailed on. Her mind went over what she saw over and over. She wondered what it all meant. She decided she would take a closer look on the way back home.

After days of sailing down the river Alyania pulled in the dock closest to Ashnel. The crowds had been more than Alyania had foreseen. She found herself quickly out of her element making her way through the peoples until she spotted the sign for the Hallow's Inn.

Alyania slipped into Hallow’s End her eyes quickly adjusting to the darkened room. Her gaze fell on the others in the tavern, many of which had turned to look at the newcomer briefly.

“Take a sit anywhere hunny! Be right with ya!” the barmaid said with a practiced smile.

Alyania took a visual survey of the tavern. The hooded high elf, the orc, and the silent human female with a map seemed to Alyania as the only likely threats here so she made sure to find a seat where she could see them and the door as she waited for the barmaid’s return.