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Together the group slowly returned to the boats and made their way to the Northern Continent. The journey took approximately one week, but with all the boats traveling together and sharing in the bounty of the seas as well as their stockpiled goods, everyone was kept well fed and safe.

One Week Later...

Touching ground for the first time in just over seven days, the group all disembarked. Korose set foot on land and smiled slightly, glad to have the Earth beneath his feet again alongside Aranaea. Elena, having gone bare foot the whole time, stepped down and used her toes to grip the sand and dirt with a contented smile as she stretched her arms out to the sides and yawned.

Pau'Ka, had elected to remain with Neden on her ship. The whole time she made Neden tea to help settle her stomach and deal with the sea sickness, even if it didn't quite get rid of it completely. She also took what time she could to teach Neden about little bits of their race's history and culture.

The legend went that long ago the Dragons took to human forms during a terrible crisis at the earliest stages of the humanoid race's introduction to the world. During said time, they encountered a magical menace which used a form of magic never before seen to siphon their energies and create humanoid copies of them. These copies eventually broke free of his control with the help of the original Dragons and, together, they vanquished the menace and his armies of copy-cat races. At the end, the Dragons returned to Dragon's Cove while the humanoids remained as their own newfound race called the Draconians. Because they were copies, they couldn't fully transform into Dragons. But they did have a form which drew from their Dragon heritage which is what both Neden and Pau'Ka had done when they defeated the Twisted Dragons before meeting the Goddess.

Meanwhile, as they touched land for the first time the Goddess reached out to them once again.

"Everyone. Please beware. Having spent time in my presence your bodies are emitting residual Divine Mana which will attract the forces of Darkness to your location. Please always be on guard and ready to protect one another!"

Korose took a deep breath and nodded to himself. Elena did the same, placing her hand over her heart and promising Sil she'd do all she could to help everyone. Pau'Ka nodded firmly, helping Neden work through her seasickness so they could move on together.