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In the following days on the sea, yet again, Neden had been on the bottom deck, nestled away in a corner of the ship as a way to keep her mind and eyes off of the ocean depths that lurked beneath them. The only thing reminding her that they weren't on land was the movement of the ship, too fluid and would occasionally toss and turn as they slowly traveled back. Neden had been forced to go on the same ship with Pau'Ka, Elena, and a few others, much to her dismay with how Dreux treated her. She was afraid of being alone, and with new people, not with Dreux as she had been the week prior. Which unsettled her a bit, too much for her liking.

But she had been accompanied by Pau'Ka the whole time, with constant tea and herbs for her stomach, which she was honestly grateful for. While they were at sea, she had been told of her ancient history of their ancestors and where they came from, how they were related to Dragons, and how they could turn into one. Which explained what had happened to Neden when the dragon had attacked them at sea on that day. The truth and lore of her people both fascinated and scared the young girl, knowing what she was and the power she held amazed her, as well as worried her. But all the while, when Neden wasn't being educated by Pau'Ka, she was either asleep, reading the few books she still had from her village or was busily drawing in the small notebook that she brought, but seeing as she was slowly running out of room, she knew she'd need to get another one whenever they came upon a town or traveling merchant.

Once they reached land, Neden couldn't have been happier. The grabbed their things from the ship and eventually grouped up again on the mainland. As she exited the ship she covered her eyes from the sun's bright and harsh rays, slowly growing accustomed to it as she blinked more. She stepped off the boat and felt her feet hit the sand from inside the boots she wore, knowing full they needn't be on a ship again or so she hoped, the sickness she had been feeling quickly dissipated. She outreached her hand to Pau'Ka and helped her down from the ship and walked to the others that had gathered around.

Neden nodded as she heard Sil'Eph Niir's voice echo in her head, taking up note to help protect the others she instinctively placed her hand on her hip by her sword, keeping her guard up as the others discussed what to do. Eventually finding Dreux in the group of people she excused herself from Pau'Ka for a moment and walked up to him. She pulled him a few feet away and once they were out of earshot she smacked him on the back of the head and gave him a hard glare.

"You left me alone with them for eight days, you jerk!" she said in a hushed voice as she smacked his arm again.

Dreux chuckled and shook his head at his friend as she hit him, "Hey, hey now...I was doing you a favor, little lady. Because of me you got to spend some time with the Princess as well as learn more about yourself, if not your species in total. So....If anything, you should be thanking me." he said as he nodded towards Pau'Ka and gave her a wink.

Neden looked at him and growled, "That still doesn't make it okay, you know. I was practically alone, and seasick that whole time. So what did you do that whole time? Get buddy buddy with Luther?"

Dreux chuckled and rubbed the back of his head, "All I'm saying is, I still didn't hear a thank you. And no, Luther kept to himself as did I. I mainly read and practiced on the ship while I was alone. I don't know what you did while you were with the others, but you seem to be in a better mood. So, go back over with your friends." he said with a teasing look on his face.

Neden growled and scowled at his comments, "I don't know what you're alluding to, Dreux. But it's not funny..I missed you." she said with a rather somber tone as she looked at her friend.

Dreux gave her a smile and a gentle hug, "I missed you too, Neden. Now...I think the best course of action would be finding a place to pitch camp or find a town to stay in for the night." he said as he began walking back to the others, with Neden in tow.