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located in Hogwarts, a part of We Solemnly Swear..., one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Kingsley Shacklebolt II Character Portrait: Piper Leilani Longbottom
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Piper rose with the sun, not because she had to, but because she found peace in the few minutes between night turns to day. The coolness of the early morning is deceptive; the sun had barely risen and the stone castle did not provide much insulation. She padded quietly down to the common room and sighed happily. The Hufflepuff common room was a cosy, low-ceilinged room decorated with cheerful colours and plenty of plants and flowers. Really it was her favorite place….or it was until she had her little rendezvous at the shrieking shack. The Hufflepuff fluttered about, Piper waiting somewhat impatiently for her roomie Kingsley to wake as the sun rose. When her patience ran out, she tiptoed her way back to their room.


ImageIf it hadn’t been for Nyhm circling Kingsley’s pillow in a plea for attention, she was certain she would have slept through the whole day right there. It had been a long couple weeks, the first ones always were. Most nights had been spent in the common room bent over Numerology and Grammatica or Winogrand’s Wondrous Water Plants preparing for N.E.W.T. exams. Kingsley enjoyed to party but during the week she took her studies very seriously, or her father would see to it that she did.

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Kingsley rolled over to face Nyhm. Her lynx-like ears were turned back to express discontent, letting out an angry meow. “Cheeky little puss.” Kingsley whispered, wrapping an arm around her to pull her in like a teddy. She looked across the room to Piper’s bed made neatly, furrowing her brow with suspicion.

“Piper?” Kingsley called out as she sat up in her bed, pushing her braids from her face and scooping Nyhm into her arms. People had already began to leave for Hogsmeade, it was the second weekend back which was always the craziest. Things had began to calm down enough that everyone would finally let loose since that first night. Most assuredly they’d all end up at The Shrieking Shack that night, but Kingsley enjoyed pre-drinks at The Three Broomsticks on those hazy Saturdays…. Besides, Kingsley didn’t trust Piper enough to let her go to Hogsmeade without her. The last time Kingsley did that she ended up with a DungBathBomb being flung into her tub whilst bathing.

Their dorm room was empty but that didn’t mean Piper wasn’t nearby. The stone floor was cool under her feet, one of the many downsides to living in the lower levels of the castle. Kingsley scampered across their room with Nyhm still in her arms, eyes darting side to side. “Piper, I swear to God if you’re planning something…”

Piper could hear Kingsley moving around, when she called Piper’s name Piper couldn’t help but grin. Kingsley knew her too well, she was expecting a prank. Best not to disappoint.

“Levicorpus” she whispered. The incantation was a jinx. The spell, which was intended to be cast nonverbally but which can be spoken aloud, caused Kingsley to be hoisted into the air by her ankle; She watched in amusement as her friend swung upside down haphazardly.
Kingsley let out a surprised yelp, Nyhm leaping from her arms with a screech as she darted down the hall.

“Morning beautiful!” Piper called as she pushed her way into the room and sauntered past her friend.

Kingsley huffed, folding her arms as she glared at Piper. “Oh, think you’re clever do you?” Kingsley sneered, “Starting a war? Is that what you want? I will ruin you by the likes of which you’ve never seen.” Any threats she tried to convey where undercut by the ridiculous visual of her being hung upside down like a sock on a clothesline. She struggled for a minute before letting out a squeak. “Lemme down!”

“Oh baby, I am not just clever, I am funny as fuck.” Piper said as she leaned against one of the beds and laughed. After a brief moment of enjoyment, she sighed and grinned at her friend.

“Fine, only because I wouldn’t want to be ‘ruined by the likes of which i’ve never seen’” Piper mocked.

“Liberacorpus.” She said and Kingsley dropped to the ground.

“Truce?” Piper offered Kingsley her hand with a grin.

Kingsley narrowed her eyes, “Why? So, I’ll let my guard down and you can get me again? No, I’m perfectly happy with war.” Kingsley spun on her heel to swing open her wardrobe rustling through her clothes while keeping an eye on Piper. Keeping her wand at the ready, Kingsley gestured to Piper. “Behave - I’m going to shower with my wand so if you try something I will end you….don’t you dare go to Hogsmeade without me.”

Kingsley was in and out the shower, jaunting down the steps into the common room shortly after with her hands deep in the pockets of a fluffy pink jumper. Her braids had been enchanted from shades of blue to a myriad colors, like the ocean at sunset. Throwing a hand into the air, Kingsley did a little twirl as she reached Piper. “Let’s go babe! First weekend out, we’ve got a schedule.”

Both of the girls were top of their class although in different ways. Piper was a brilliant witch all around whereas Kingsley’s excellence was more brute luck. During the week they both were much more of the studious type. Kingsley still snuck out to the Shrieking shack for the late night hangs she’d spend doing homework while a joint was being passed around, usually with Teddy stretched across her lap. Piper and her had always made the best of the weekends, however. Piper didn't make it to the parties every week but they always made it out to Hogsmeade, especially when they learned any time they let the other go without them it’d bite them in the ass down the line.

“Shall we go for cream tea? It’s a bit early for it but I’d love a good scone with clotted cream right now and a good cuppa.” Kingsley linked arms with Piper, pulling her along.

“Whatever you want.” Piper said, her mind a million miles away.

“I just need to get out. It's absolutely suffocating here.” Piper said as she stretched her arms above her head and gestured with towards the doors with a jerk of her chin.

“After that we can window shop, or get bombed, I am not picky.” Piper said with a grin as she hooked her arm in Kingsleys.

“Oo, babe. Now you are talkin’ my language.” Kingsley teased, quirking an eyebrow. There was something off about her, something Kingsley couldn’t put her finger on. Ever since that first night Kingsley could sense there was something she had missed that Piper had been keeping to herself. Rumors spread like dragonfire in Hogwarts, but Kingsley didn’t give rumors much attention. She’d heard enough about herself and loved ones to know that most of the times rumors were taking a fraction of the truth and manipulating it for crowd appeal. They walked to Hogsmeade with their arms linked, speaking to each other with the ease of sisters. They had been sharing a room so long they might as well be.

Piper found herself lost in her thoughts, only coming back to reality here and there as Kingsley pulled her along. Piper just couldn’t seem to keep her mind from wandering like a dog off its leash, right back to Albus Potter. Part of her felt silly, like some little girl with a crush, and part of her was exhilarated by the prospect.

As they rounded onto the main road they could see into Hogsmeade. The village was a small cluster of thatched roofs with buildings that leaned into one another lined with stone. Most of the student’s visiting had clustered down the cobblestoned street down the center of the village. Colorful shop fronts called to passerby’s from either side, tempting sweets and luxurious cloaks in window fronts for them to stare. Nyhm had followed along, circling Kingsley’s legs before running out ahead and looking back for them to follow.

Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop had saucer of cream and fluffy beds for the feline inhabitants of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts that Nyhm had a deep affection for. Additionally, they happened to have the most delicious scones this side of Ireland. It was a popular spot for dates among students but Kingsley regularly dragged Piper here when she was craving Cream Tea. Kingsley secured them a spot by the window, Madam Puddifoot herself squeezing through the space between tables to greet them. She had a special affection for the girls, having fought alongside their fathers’ during the Battle of Hogwarts.

The scones came out fresh, levitating along with a small porcelain bowl of clotted cream and a jar of jam. Madam Puddifoot brought them each their own pot of tea, serving them each their first cup in delicate ornate china tea cups with matching saucers. She asked the girls how school was going and about their fathers were doing before leaving them be. Kingsley leaned back, looking across her tea cup to Piper with knowing eyes.

“So,” Kingsley said as she set her cup down, clinking it against the porcelain of the saucer. “When are you going to tell me what’s been going on with you?”

Piper snapped back to attention as Kingsley called her on her airiness. A blush spread across her cheeks and she looked down at her drink. She took a long slow sip before looking back to Kingsley somewhat awkwardly.

“Oh...ah… nothing really...Just feeling a little differently lately.” She said, though she couldn't deny a small smile that played across her lips.

Kingsley didn’t bother masking her annoyance, rolling her eyes at Piper’s evasiveness. Kingsley didn’t like to pry, all too familiar with the unwanted feeling of having your private life be the topic of every day conversations. The teapot between them levitated to refill Kingsley’s cup, but Kingsley stopped it before it could refill Piper’s. Kingsley reached across the table, scooping up Piper’s cup. She leaned back as she inspected it, bringing the cup into the sunlight that shafter through the window panes.

Divination had never been Kingsley’s strong suit, she lacked the instinctual certainty that no amount of reading could teach. Her mother had the gift. When Kingsley was little her mother would teach Kingsley how to see the shapes in the leaves and their meanings. She never saw as many shapes in the leaves as her mother did, but Kingsley had learned how to look for them. She didn’t have the gift but tessomancy, like palmistry or astronomy, was pretty easy to hack once you knew what to look for. Piper had been so deep in thought while drinking her tea, she had manifested an answer in the tea leaves. A smug expression streaked across Kingsley’s face.

“Hmm...fancy that….a rose...and..” Kingsley squinted, swirling the tea leaves to get a better look. “A sun!” she exclaimed, returning the dainty cup and rotating it for Piper to see for herself. “Love and happiness in your know, if you believe that kind of stuff. I’m just an amature though, have a look yerself.”

Piper took the offered tea cup back and glanced at the leaves in the bottom. She didn't partake in tessomancy at all, in fact, she had tried to avoid the class all together. If only because she preferred the more reliable of future reading...which was essentially nothing because the future is constantly changing. She shook her head and grinned at Kingsley.

“So, I did a thing, and I am not sure how to proceed. I am the first to admit I am over my head...but damn does drowning feel good.” Piper laughed as she let the tea pot refill her cup one more time. Truth was, she was craving something stronger for this conversation, but Tea would have to do. Piper let out a long slow breath.

“I sorta kissed Albus Potter….like a the Shrieking Shack party...and I like him...a lot” Piper said in a halting shaky voice. As if saying it out loud made it more real and she wasn't sure she was ready for real.
A knowing smile tugged at the corners of Kingsley’s lips at Piper’s confession; hidden behind her tea cup as she pretended to take a sip, trying to mask her smug expression. It felt good being on the other end of this dynamic for once.

“Am I crazy? I am crazy aren't I?” Piper asked as she bit her full bottom lip and tugged on a strand of her hair in worry.

“Crazy for liking Albus Potter? Hardly - the whole lot are absolutely gorge.” Kingsley said without skipping a beat, “Last year the first years had a quiz going around called “Which Potter boy should you snog?’....I got James, obviously - though I rigged the results, I’d already snogged him.”

Piper laughed at Kingsley's comment and rolled her eyes playfully.

“Okay, so it's a greenlight from you I take it?” Piper said sarcastically, though she felt a tingle of excitement. She wasn't looking for approval exactly, more like a confirmation that it wasn't all part of some big cosmic joke that she was the butt of. Piper shoved that thought away and took a long sip from her tea cup.

A devilish smirk streaked across Kingsley’s lips, eyes twinkling with delight. Unlike the rest of the children of Dumbledore’s Army, neither of Piper’s parents worked in the ministry. She was always there at events when their parents had a party or just tagging along on a visit, but most of Kingsley's fondest memories with her friends were of them sneaking around the wonder-filled establishment. Kingsley didn’t know if Piper ever felt left out as a result, many of their wildest adventures had been in the strange rooms of the different departments. Kingsley found you saw the real kind of witch or wizard someone was when their back was against the wall, and Kingsley had never seen Piper in that position. Never saw her take a huge risk, always responsible and mild-tempered. Passion looked good on her, even if she was trying to hide it.

“Oh, babe….It’s an abso-fucking-lutely.” Kingsley popped her last bite of her scones into her mouth with great contentment. She dusted off the last bit of crumbs from her fingers, gently wiping the corners of her lips before gently folding her napkin and placing it on the table. Coins clinked against porcelain, the silver glinting in the sunlight. “Let’s go - I say it’s high time we get something a little stronger in our system.”

Kingsley offered out a hand for Piper, dragging her out of the Tea Shoppe. There’s only one place to go for a proper pint around here, and it was likely a certain Potter boy would be in attendance himself. Kingsley wanted to make sure Piper wouldn’t slip away before that happened. She leaned in to whisper in Piper’s ear as they entered The Three Broomsticks. “I want to see Piper Longbottom on her worst behaviour.”

cowritten by emotionless