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Vernon Shulls / Carmen ‘Ruffles’ Rufferones

The week had gone smoothly for the most part. Sailing was what Vernon and Carmen were used to, so that wasn’t any particular issue. No, the only conflict was that there had been a little bit of bickering between them, Vernon insisting that Carmen remain with the Delmoray as both their navigator and his first mate. Although she really did want to make friends with all the others (And it would have been easy enough for her to swim between the boats), Vernon did make some degree of sense that she’d be needed if they were attacked by another dragon or something. Not only that, but the crew all needed to pull together in order to manage more of the repairs, and as Vernon explained to his less than clever mermaid companion, this might be the last time they saw the ship for a long time. Even though they were busy working, it gave them all a chance to say their goodbyes, Carmen especially popular among the crew; and Vernon’s decision to leave requiring some coordination in order to fill the power vacuum and plan for the future. Still, the nights spent drinking, singing and reminiscing on the good times would serve as fond memories into the future, and were a reminder of just what the goddess had told her. Bonds could be strength; and if she could help everyone get along, that would be the best for the team.

Speaking of the team, they needed a name. Sil’s Sailors? Well, they weren’t going to be sailing when they hit land… Sil’s Secret Squad? No… According to the goddess, they were emitting some aura, so that wasn’t particularly sneaky… The Goddess… Group? No, far too bland… Musing on all of this, Carmen decided now was the time to initiate Project Friendship, and so, she needed a target to become friends with and convert to the cause. Vernon was obviously off the table, he clearly loved her (Like, duh), and although she’d made good initial impressions with Dreux and Neden, she wanted to diversify a little, and it would be easier if she could pick someone on their own to really get to know them. There was the invisible lady… Somewhere? Had she vanished again? That was going to be a difficult one to pin down… Then there was the Succubus, the one who’d written on the parchment. Given the hostility between her and Vernon, that one could be saved for later… Looking through the remaining options, the elf siblings, as well as the intimidating shadowy elf and the fairer, lighter elf companion next to him; as well as the other blonde haired woman, Carmen couldn’t really decide.

“Heh heh heh… If I can’t decide, it’s time for my secret solution!” Laughing to herself and haughtily placing her hands to her hips, Carmen rummaged around her pack, pulling out a small but simple pair of dice. Grinning, she tossed one up into the sky, letting fate and fortune guide her way to success. Assigning names to the numbers, Carmen squatted down to examine the die as she checked the result. Three. That was… Pointing through the different people, Carmen narrowed her eyes at her target, scooping up her ultimate decision making tool and travelling across the sand to meet her. “Phew! That was a fun trip! Lovely weather, you enjoy sailing? Any troubles getting here?” Carmen immediately bombarded the high elf with questions, ignorant to her inability to speak in the modern tongue.

“Not that you’d have forgotten, but I’m Carmen Rufferones, Navigator and First Mate of the Delmoray! Though I suppose that’s not true anymore… I really need to work out a new title… Which means I need to come up with a cool team name…” Mumbling to herself as she tugged on her chin, Carmen got distracted in her thoughts a moment before turning back to Elena. “So, what’s your name, huh? Hey, your dress is pretty, where’d you get it? Do you fight? It’d be a shame if it got wrecked in combat, but if you don’t fight, you can hang with me when things get rough! Vernon’s pretty lazy, but when it comes to fighting, he’s super dependable, he’ll keep us all safe. Well…” Carmen had a tendency towards long and rambling one sided conversation, but Elena would get a chance to interject at some point.

Having followed along with Carmen, weapons on his back, Vernon eyed over the remainder of those nearby, looking between Pauka and Korose. He wasn’t one usually for making conversation, but there was something he felt the need to address, moving towards the male of the two. “You there. Your name.” Vernon demanded, tightening his stance slightly, but remaining somewhat nonchalant. Out of everyone in the group, none intimidated him much. Even the apparent warriors of the group seemed fairly amateurish or inexperienced. But this guy… Ever since they’d arrived, Vernon could feel… Something. A pressure, emanating from this man. Like his instincts were trying to warn him of something. And then there was his eyes… Blood red. Unnatural. Vernon couldn’t entirely tell what it was, but regardless, his body could sense the challenge before him. He wouldn’t necessarily provoke the man, but perhaps if the opportunity to spar or test him arose… Well, it would be better than beating some sense into their ‘gallant’ leader.