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The West

A vast expanse of Ocean that stretches into infinity, broken only by scattered islands that grow fewer the farther one goes. Many myths tell of what lies beyond it, but few that venture that far return.


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As Calliope described her home and family Ashen listened earnestly and with no small amount of curiosity. But when she mentioned the monarchy and her mothers word, he had to resist a disquieted look crossing his features. "Tha sounds.... interestin'." He said noncommittally. While Ashen knew that the rest of creation had didn't hold to the same 'customs' as the west, but from the sound of it Calliopes home seemed to have a more... antithetical view to what Ahsen had been raised on. A view his master had recently tried to teach the young lunar a 'lesson' about prior to his departure to Fakharu's spire.

He was almost glad for the interruption by the arrival of Lux and the handmaidens before he could say something that put his metaphorical foot in his mouth. Nagasani made her apology to the both of them and the group bowed. Ashen merely grinned and waged his tail. "It be na ah bother miss, least na fer me." He briefly remembered that he'd promised to keep Calliope away from the handmaidens if they came for her again, but they honestly didn't seem to hold any ill intent. He looked to the solar in his arms. "Well, what ya think yer highness? All forgiven?"

It was about that point though that he noticed Lux looking a little woozy in the back. And... teary eyed? Ashen's upper ears went flat against his head in worry. Nagasani seemed to notice as well as she immediately went to comfort the silently crying girl. A quick confession from her confirmed Ashen's own suspicions that she was drunk, and the alcohol was making her somewhat emotional. Very gently he set the princess down on her feet and approached the inebriated terrestrial and handmaiden just as Lux seemed to swing back towards smiles again. "Geez, 'ow much did ya let tha poor girl drink?" Despite the concern in his voice Ashen's kept his an amused grin on his face. He crouched down slightly to be more at eye level with Lux. "Well glad ye had fun me dear. Maybe ye can tell us 'bout it all while we walk ye back 'fore any more foolishness 'appens, aye?" Atop his head Ashen's upper ears willed and flicked upright, as he tried to keep her focus away from what had caused her earlier emotional downturn.