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Elena had been preparing to walk back, but was intercepted by a young woman named Carmen who bombarded her with questions which she had next to no time to answer. She attempted to sign, but Carmen didn't seem to take notice of it.

So many questions... It was overwhelming. Elena looked to the others around her as they had begun walking away, and then back to Carmen as she attempted to smile and be friendly despite not being able to reply.

Finally, a moment of opportunity after Carmen spoke of Vernon being able to defend thems.

"No speak." She managed to say in the common tongue.

It was one of the few phrases she knew how to say, but she wasn't sure if Carmen would understand what she meant.


Vernon approached Korose and called to him, demanding his name.

Korose's eye slid to the corner of the socket to look at Vernon, examining him from head to toe before falling back onto his gaze.

"Korose." He said flatly.

He wasn't sure what this human wanted, but he was instantly on guard. This man was only a human, and he didn't seem to hear the Goddess which meant he had no divine bloodline as they did. But still... Something just seemed off about him.