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Vernon Shulls / Carmen ‘Ruffles’ Rufferones

“…And that’s why we don’t have fish on Wednesdays. That was such a wild day…” Carmen sighed as she finished reminiscing, pausing just long enough to see that Elena was trying to say something. Nodding and smiling, Carmen was keen to hear just what the High Elf thought about her. Having already told so many clever and amusing stories, she had to have earned some respect by this point.

"No speak." Elena stated simply. Carmen's face looked stunned… Then immediately dropped into disappointment. She knew she could be a bit of a blabbermouth, but there was no need to tell her to shut up like that! She was just trying to be nice and make friends! Disappointment turning to annoyance and then anger, Carmen huffed, throwing her hands up into the air. “Fine then! If that ‘s what you want I’ll leave you alone!” Storming forward a bit to follow the group, nose held high, Carmen didn’t get far before she turned around and pointed back at Elena. “But just so you know, you’re missing out on the coolest friend you ever could have had!” Taking a few more steps away again, Carmen then stopped once more to turn back to Elena, hands on hips this time. “And I’m not going to regret this at all, you hear me? You’re the one upset by all this, not me. I’m just being respectful and accepting your wishes!” Huffing and continuing further down the path, Carmen had quite the exaggerated walk as she made some distance on her own.

Shaking his head at the idiotic display of his Mermaid companion, Vernon turned his attention back to Korose, nodding. “Korose. Don’t disappoint me.” Was all he said, smirking as he moved to go ahead, deciding to catch up to his companion before she got herself into more trouble. Honestly, she was still such a child.