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The world felt quiet for one moment, as the sun slowly rose, it's light, vanquishing the horrible night, then, life began to move, as the birds began to sing, the vermin scurried around, and the sound of heavy footfalls began to echo though the air, anything underfoot would feel the weight of the large creature. Looking forward, a waft of air caught it, leading the creature to dash forward, a sweet and light scent had caught her nose, leading her to what looked to be a tree, with long beans with it's green leaves. The creature shrank in size, as she began to look more human, harvesting the beans, every so often taking a leaf to chew on, ensuring taste.

After filling a small satchel with the beans, the woman kept walking down the path, soon turning into the large creature that was seen earlier. Her speed was better with four legs rather than one. Running through the forest was easy, though the light soon brightened up fast, the forest had receded back naturally, leaving the giant rabbit looking person standing on her hind legs in the open, gazing around with ruby-like eyes. The area was clear, devoid of human interference. It was nice, an island solely of nature, leaving the troubles of the world behind once in a while was pleasant....

If it weren't that she was trapped, and had been for about two weeks. This made life rather frustrating. Walking along, there was something in the distance that caught her eye, a ship. As much as she hated those, it was something to get her off that damned rock. Picking up the pace, the giant rabbit-looking person began her rush towards the direction of said boat, hopefully someone was there, and she could return to the mainland, and finally continue this journey she was on. As she got closer, voices were heard, they were young voices, interesting to say the least. With a change in direction, the loud thumping sound approached towards the sounds, where as it was now seen, twelve people were.

This was awkward, as they walked on a slight downhill from her, as she could see at least the few in the front, two seemed to be elves, with their ears being sharp, off their heads... It still bugged the woman as to how that even happened, the other two seemed to be human, the others, however, weren't seen, as something stole her mind aside. As, there was another problem that posed, stopping before crashing into these people. She turned to her side to try to change direction, knowing full well this will end in a tumble, avoiding the majority was easy, however avoiding everyone was out of the question, and unfortunately, as the clawed foot slipped, the raven-haired woman with wings at the front, would see a mass flying towards them, seemingly attempting to contort itself from the impact, as the giant hare felt itself tumble along the ground, unsure if they hit the person, and hoping that they weren't underneath the fluff.

'Such a grand way to introduce thineself, Shyl'Vahn....' She thought, as she spent a second on the ground, 'Run at them and take one of theirs....'