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Bella watched as he fell to his knees and she too knelt down beside him, her concern only growing. She had little attention to give to anything else, staring into his eyes. She wasn't intent to forcibly move him in worry it'd only cause shock and was rather, instead, intent to see if he just, instead, needed time to gather himself. She seated herself beside him.

"I understand I'm far from human, far from everything, but if there is anything I can do, or be," she began, before stopping and sighing. She didn't know how to get through, and she wasn't going to force it. "I don't remember myself, I don't remember what I was before I was this, I just remember fear and anxiety, a need to be... something, anything. That's why I consumed beings for a while, and only found myself only more isolated as a result. I..."

She paused as her senses kicked back in, giving her a feeling that they were still not alone.