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located in Lunalake Island, a part of Memoria Irae, one of the many universes on RPG.

Lunalake Island

A large island and major hub, Lunalake City is here, along with a few fishing towns situated around the river and lake. In the middle of the lake is a strange clock tower where the governor lives. No one knows why he lives there, he just... does.


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The beast looked on in surprise, eyes wide, as Raimondo charged his attack. In panic, in the same instance the creature threw their right forelimbs to the side, fingers open paint-like goo spewing out and stopping in a stream in mid-air, drips aloft as colorful orbs, before quickly twisting around together, folding together into a new structure, stronger, becoming less goo and more semi-fluid metal. The fluid had become an elegant blade, flowing organically from hilt-to-tip, fluid-turned-solid, yet still shimmering.

As the beast gripped the hilt of their newly crafted blade, they yelped as a pain came to their right leg, leaning some to the side. A frustrated shriek would follow, as the beast swung the blade directly into Raimondo's attack, causing the former to burst brilliantly in half, and the latter to split into two, one exploding magnificently in the distance behind the beast, the other splitting through some trees in the distance, going off into the unknown expanse away from the island. Both had singed opposing side of the beast's shoulders. Colorful flakes sparkled like fairy dust in the air from the destroyed blade, the broken off piece hurled into the air above.

The beast readied again, jumping back as tails flowed beside them, more paint flowing out and through the blade in an attempt to rebuild it, looking back and forth baring teeth at Aila and Raimondo, their ears drawn back as their expression became more concerned. They looked at their hand, noting a slight weakening quiver, and the slowing reaction time had become more apparent. A confused gasp escaped their maw.

"Not a very well organized assault," Abdown said, somewhat berating. "Rather messy, really."

The large beast would suddenly cast a glare down at the governor, but their eyes wandered up above him, something else catching their attention. The piece of the blade that was broken off from earlier now came plummeting down, quite massive in its own right, and was heading straight for the city! It had reduced to a heavy metallic blob, and from the amount of energy that was put into it moments earlier from Raimondo's blast, was aglow and unstable, resembling a colorful meteor.

Abdown followed the creature's eyes, catching a glimmer of something reflect in their eyes, and turned quickly and began to raise a hand, but the beast, to his surprise reacted faster, reaching out to the chunk, forcing it to go unstable. What followed was a brilliantly bright blast right above the city, the shock of which blew off pieces of roofing, and sent a heavy burst of air all around, as an aurora-like colorful ring rippled through the air outwards through the air. The beast panted, clawed hand still outstretched, beginning to shake again.

"Tch!" the beast finally uttered, nearly stumbling forwards from the chemicals finally spreading through their system. It was clear this fight was lost, and with a departing trick, the beast took the remaining piece of the blade, squeezing it into a ball between both hand and, pressing it into the ground, cupping hands over it. A blast of paint followed, launching the creature backwards and into the air to get enough distance away from the crowd.

"Well, that was interesting," Abdown muttered. "I was never in favor of division. Rejected just because of a bad dream? Ridiculous. It is no wonder they often become truly twisted into monsters by the Silence. This one, however... well, it is rare to see one unafflicted." Taking a moment to look at the damages, the governor dusts himself off. " Also... since when was Dragonbane filled darts standard use?"