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located in The Dolrion Woods, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Dolrion Woods

It is rumored that a lot of supernatural phenomenon can occur deep within its depths, and many legends and tales and spurred from this place. However, it is also popularly used by people for other normal Origin activities.


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Character Portrait: Lady Vitas Warmoon Character Portrait: Lady Spike Character Portrait: Aldric Von Hardt
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Within the home that Vitas called her own upon Origin within Hayslem City. A holo floated in the air in the center of the throne room like room. Not that many could rthink of it differently as the walls were clockwork, shifting like a kaldeiscope of landscapes and movements. Multiplying upon itself endlessly thanks to her raw magic. the news report was simple, a farm destroyed. The barn and its equipment unharmed, but the owner dead and the farm animals ravaged. A slender hand waved at the holo, forcing it to grow in size and encompass the whole viewing space. To show everything the cameraman had seen.

Then she felt it. A slight smile on her lips. Spike trundled down the stairs, looking a bit worse for wear, the passport people were going to be all over this in a heartbeat. "Seeing things again ?" Spike asked seeing Vitas staring at the ruined farm on the holo. "That's been on the news all morning already. You'd think by now they'd find who did it"

"They wont have to" Came the oddly calm and surprisingly gentle voice of Vitas as she sat upon the egyptian styled throne staring at the ruined farm on the holo. "He's back. And close. We portal there by my magic, and we can bring him home safely"

"him ? You mean Mark Wolfe ? I thought you and he were through ?" Spike said

"No, not him, Aldric, the one who helped me find you" Vitas replied, "If it were not for him you'd still be dead and I'd still be searching." Vitas smiled. She stood from the throne, the red dress she wore hugged her form nicely and she pointed to the holo as Spike stepped into view of it. "That farm, he was there. Something's wrong...." She went silent, she felt it. "He needs us..." She turned and focused on Spike, "Bring your guns, if I remember rightly, he is scared of blades"

"What ?" Spike was clueless to what Vitas meant, Spike always carried her .45s in their holsters on her stomach area, hidden cleverly so by her dress.

"Trust me." Vitas said, the holo faded away and Vitas flicked her wrist. The wall swirled madly into a smoke ringed portal that lead to a wooded area, thick woods infact.

"I'll also bring a acidic umbrella" Spike mumbled. Thankful for once that Vitas magic even protected their clothing from the acid rain. The two women stepped through the portal into the forest.

The woods were fairly thick, yet only thick enough to allow privacy, and in this case allowed isolation. Vitas spotted a trail she was to apparently follow. Spike spread her wings and took to the sky rather clumsly and somehow manged to safely land on a tree trunk a good dozen meters into the air to look around. Leaving Vitas on the forrest floor alone.