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located in The Dolrion Woods, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Dolrion Woods

It is rumored that a lot of supernatural phenomenon can occur deep within its depths, and many legends and tales and spurred from this place. However, it is also popularly used by people for other normal Origin activities.


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Character Portrait: Lady Vitas Warmoon Character Portrait: Lady Spike Character Portrait: Aldric Von Hardt
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"Fresh meat. It has brought itself."

"The eye provides for us."

"N-no! Stay away! They'll kill you!" Aldric's fractured voices were whispering and shouting at each other. The first to speak was in Ancient Egyptian. The second in Latin, the last in heavily accented English, the Germanic accent strongly placing its mark. "They already killed that farmer and his cows.... Leave now!"

"Shut up, mutt. You're still hungry and you know it."

"The eye will see our belly full. Just you wait.

The Rustling of the underbrush gave away his position as he stalked through the forest, trying to head away, and then towards, and then back away from Vitas and Spike. His pace and path were erratic, but once he was close enough, the glow of his eyes likewise gave him away.


A sudden mixture of all of Aldric's personalities came out, all of the different voices and languages spewing out at the same time in an ethereal haze as he stared at Vitas. Slowly his hand lowered from the Magic eye, the ominous Crimson glow encompassing Vitas' form as he became transfixed.

"You of all people.... shouldn't be here..."

"You abandoned us."

"Left us for dead."

"Used us for our purpose and then forgot all about us."

All of his voices were speaking English now, and his body began to lurch towards her as each one fought for control. Each one wanted to kill her, even the meekest and most mild of his personalities was simply along for the ride, unable to control itself. The madness within Aldric's mind needed more than a doctor or simple magic spell to fix.

It'd need a Damned Miracle.