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located in The Dolrion Woods, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Dolrion Woods

It is rumored that a lot of supernatural phenomenon can occur deep within its depths, and many legends and tales and spurred from this place. However, it is also popularly used by people for other normal Origin activities.


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Character Portrait: Lady Vitas Warmoon Character Portrait: Lady Spike Character Portrait: Aldric Von Hardt
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Vitas didnt even seem to be scared. infact she appeared bored, possibly sad to see how far Aldric had come since they last saw the other. "So this is where you have been hiding" She mused simply. She had forbgotten about him yes, she had things to attend to in Sacremento at the time, and had been beheaded at the time too, but that is another story entirely. She looked at the ragged man before her ,struggling for control of himself as currently three personae dramatis advanced on her. And it wasnt going to be an easy magic spell to calm him down either. Not at this rate.

"Yes" She said at last. She needed his help to finding Spike's body and ressurect her friend, who now hovered in the tree tops scared out of her wits. "But I did not plan to abandon you. I wanted to help you. Aldric. Because none else would." But when she had recovered Spike, they had to flee the area so quickly there hadnt been time to fall back and get him on the way. And then Spike ended up in Nirn of all places, the world of a hologame that Spike liked to play.

Infact for all Vitas knew it was only about two maybe three weeks since she had last seen Aldric. But clearly to him it had been much much longer.

Finally Vitas sighed and looked calmly at the towering wolfman before her. No, not wolf, but man, Aldric was a man. A man in her care. And he wasnt a prisoner either. IOnfact when he was wioth her, he was free to go as he liked within the mirrors. "The farm is all over the holonet and news channels here. Passport officals and hunters will be swarming here soon. And dont say you can handle them. In that state, you can barely handle me. You need food, and medical care, and I can provide both."

She stared him down as he advanced. When he was nearly at arms reach she spoke anew. Her voice calm and betraying no fear. "I wanted to go back for you, to get you from that place. But things had changed and I had to face...... internal.... difficulties of my own" She said, never backing down or showing fear. Vitas was calm, and the muddy forest floor only made her barefeet quite wet, but she didnt care. "But now you are here, On the same world as I am. And I can help you."

A brief shard of glas floated nearby as a mirror formed from the ground before fading away. Vitas dismissed the magic as quickly as it formed. Vitas held out a hand toewards Aldric as Spike alighted from the treetops to the ground and very briefly Vitas magic lit up the small area into a somewhat properly decerning level of light so one could see clearly yet not be blinded.

A rather evil thought then crossed hner mind, something that could possibly also benefit Aldric, if he wanted to eat, and as threateningly scared out of his wits as he was right then, then perhaps he could be of help while she helped him. And she could still help him. She knew there was conflict within him as Spike stepped into view. Thankfully he could see her wings were feathers, not swords or otherwise. Just beautiful feathers. "Aldric. Let us help you" A brief gaze to Spike saw that she towered over the man by a good four feet. Help this guy, certainly.