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Kairo Choi

Location ✧ Kairo's is studio apartment
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Dialogue ✧ 400E15
For a moment, Kairo almost wished he hadn't said anything. Ethan looked so peacefully entranced by the melody coming from the television that the therapist felt guilty for interrupting that. Still, he was thankful for the answer he received. He could tell it wasn't a lie. Ethan was noticeably less jumpy than he had been when they first arrived. It was a relief. Kairo knew well enough that bringing him here was going far beyond what a therapist was expected to do, but there was no part of him that would have been okay with leaving Ethan alone after what happened.

"Oh, no need to thank me." he smiled at the sound of Ethan's gratitude. A part of Kai's mind expected this to go south very quickly, but he was glad it didn't. At least not for the time being. "That's what friends are for, anyway." he made sure to add the last sentence in to assure Ethan that they weren't there as a therapist and his patient. They weren't at the studio, or anywhere that required him to be Ethan's therapist. They were at Kairo's special hideout. Right now, Ethan wasn't his patient. He was his friend, someone Kairo cared about more than what he'd be willing to admit.

The raising of the volume didn't go unnoticed, but Kairo didn't comment on it. Instead of bringing attention to what had brought them there, he focused on what they would do now. "Hey, have you ever played poker? I can teach you how while we wait for the food." If Kai was being honest, this too was outside his expertise. He had never grown so attached to a patient to the point where he wanted to forget the therapy sessions and No agenda, no ulterior motive, just the two of them...keeping one another company.