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located in The Dolrion Woods, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Dolrion Woods

It is rumored that a lot of supernatural phenomenon can occur deep within its depths, and many legends and tales and spurred from this place. However, it is also popularly used by people for other normal Origin activities.


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Character Portrait: Lady Vitas Warmoon Character Portrait: Lady Spike Character Portrait: Aldric Von Hardt
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His memories swirled. She indeed no longer looked as evil as she did when he was in the Asylum where she found him. She was a lot nicer to look at, prettier too. Her friend, who apparently he had helped find and save, wasn't half bad looking either. The other Aldric's could at least agree on this much. Still, however, they fought amongst each other for control over the metaphorical control-panel that ran Aldric's body.

And while they did that, an unforeseen personality nudged one of the levers, and Aldric's hand landed in Vitas' hand gently. His hand tightened at first with the static feeling, but then his whole body relaxed, warmth filling him. To Vitas, the world around him would begin to shimmer and warp as the numerous Personalities of Aldric became visible. All of them were well built, strong men. One had a beard, and looked like he wanted nothing more than to sleep, but nevertheless argued over control. One was ragged looking, as if he'd come out of a war, and was shouting the loudest and angriest. Another was half-shifted, and snarled the whole time. One more still was entirely shifted, and looked ready to tear out all of their throats as he towered over the human counterparts.

But there was another, far in the back of Aldric's consciousness, that said and did nothing. He merely sat in what appeared to be the throne of a Gaulic War Chief. He was adorned in beautiful but intimidating Leather Armor, and wore the pelt of a Wolf over his head, the eyes staring endlessly into her soul while the pelt draped over his body warmly. This personality's eyes, however, were closed, and crying tears of blood.

Looking back to the other personalities would reveal that many of them only had one eye. Either his own, or the Magic Eye, each one glowing its own color. The Magic Eye Crimson, and his own a bright Amber. But even that wasn't right. Aldric's real eye was Emerald. The personality's chest rose and fell with a breath, and he faded away. The fighting became louder, and Aldric's hand gripped tighter around Vitas' slender hand.

"Please... make them stop." He whispered.