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"That's what friends are for, anyway." Friends? That word bounced around in Ethan’s head. He doesn’t remember the last time he has made a friend. His colleagues at work are relatively friendly and make conversation, but he would hardly call them friends. Clark also gets really nervous about talking to people and attempting to make new friends. His thoughts usually discourage him and then he just avoids people. There are always his parents, but spending time with them usually means they start digging into his life and he doesn’t like going there with his parents. They just start trying to fix things and it usually ends in a fight followed with a panic attack. But Kairo wanted to be his friend. Even after seeing him have a panic attack in the middle of the street. He couldn’t help the smile that formed on his face, but he didn’t address it in fear that Kai would take it back.

There must have been a mutual agreement about not discussing the obvious boundary they are crossing because his therapist didn’t mention anything else about it either. Instead, he brought up poker. Clark has never played, but he was willing to learn. He was really willing to do anything if it kept his thoughts away. ”I have never played, but um sure you can teach me.” He stated with a smile. ”Hopefully, I am not a terrible student?” He added in jokingly.