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Image "I realized one thing about our family some time ago," she spoke, looking up to Takeshi and taking his hand into hers, understanding then of how much in pain was he and what a big headache he must have been enduring while tending to Lucelle, "family is our strength and our weapon. I may have been never able to keep it, but I am planning to hold onto it now no matter what. I will NOT lose YOU again, Takeshi."

She was serious, and her own heart ached for him, with him, understanding well enough of how all this information might push Takeshi away a little bit, but she knew better. He won't go far from her and from what they have built up together. As she had her own 'demons', so had Takeshi.

Andrew was feeling dizzy, but to stall the poison spreading any faster, he pulled out one of his many knives - its white blade glittering in the dim light of the apartment. Cutting into his wrist, he let his white, thick blood flow out and there it was - the black roots of this damn poison, slithering out along with his own blood. He grunted, then growled so it was echoing throughout the living room where it was just him and the sleeping boy on the couch, but it won't be enough to get it all out of him.

"Rem...," Kochou whispered, "...impatient as ever, but... brave." She was still looking up at Takeshi, still holding onto his hand.

------------------------------ *** ------------------------------

Tossing his head backwards, he was feeling as if he was going to explode, but it wasn't his mind nor body to do that. Suddenly, after last gag, his whole body spasmed and white, almost golden sperm sped out of his member, right into Ichiro' throat.

"You... are... magical, boy," he managed to mumble, closing his eyes and grabbing Ichiro' shoulders again, keeping the boy still. Then, he looked at Ichiro and smiled: "I might still need you in the next weeks. Will you be willing and ready for me?"