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Syra shook her head seeing their true enemy reveal himself. She dodged the Earthhound's attack as its "paw" tore through a building, leveling it to the ground. "Fighting a Phoenix wasn't exactly on my list of things to do today..." She sighed, fingers tightening around the hilt of her weapon. Her mind wandered back to her time in the war, while she had been young, she fought as hard as the rest of her ragtag team. She'd killed a few Phoenix that fought under Oblivion's banner but none that could control an entire town of people. This Phoenix, who worked for the Witch-of-the-Wastes was on a different level; if he was this powerful, who could say how powerful the Witch was. "So, uh, plan?" She called out to her companions while she climbed her way up an outside staircase that had at one time allowed access to a second story apartment but now lead to a perfect vantage point for Syra to jump on the Earthhound's back.

"Alright you sonovabitch, let's finish this!" She called out to Divon, raising the dagger as she steadied herself on the ever-shifting back of the Earthhound.


"Well, well, Onyx may be right about her after all," Azure said with a small smile as she watched the battle unfold from a safe distance. She'd be ordered to follow Syra, but not to interfere in her affairs, Onyx was clear about allowing the girl to lead them to the ammunition for the Cannon that had no place on this world. Syra had to come into her own before Azure would be allowed to give her any further instruction unless of course, her life was in absolute peril, though, Azure hoped, her new friends would help keep Syra alive.