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located in Scrapyard City, a part of The War After, one of the many universes on RPG.

Scrapyard City

A β€˜major’ city


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Scrapyard City

A fitting name for a city in this age, in the remains of a large capital ship that had crashed long ago on the planet. This massive city hosts what can be considered normal life. Large towering piles of scrap that scavengers dig through everyday to find working parts to keep their livelihood running, either by trading for food and water or keeping your air conditioning working for another hour. Of course there are many who simply skips the hard work to simply shoot someone in the back after they find something of value and run off before the scrapped together law enforcement finds them.

Of course, while people are not killing each other or living like a bunch of pack rats, they are enjoying life. Hanging out around the upper areas of the city where things are slightly more civilized than the lower salvage floors. Bars, homes and even locations that are there for other people like a police station...Or more accurately it might as well be a sheriffs office as frontier justice is a common punishment.

However, many call this place home. Or those that wander here decide its better to live her than the wastes outside.