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located in Capetown, Texas, a part of Project Oddity, one of the many universes on RPG.

Capetown, Texas

Welcome to Capetown, Texas, the nation's 5th in population density of parahumans to humans!


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Character Portrait: Alexander Dalton
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Alexander Dalton

Everything seemed to blur together for a bit. The speech had barely registered in his brain as he had tried to struggle with the near crippling amounts of worry and dread he was feeling. He knew the statistics, he did the research. Hundreds always died in Abhorrent attacks. sound became distant as he glanced around him. How many people would die? Who would fall first? who would be forced to suffer agonizing pain from radiation poisoning or being torn apart by bloodthirsty plants? The idea of even attempting to fight a living disaster seemed impossible. He couldn't be the only one thinking it.
Alex was pulled from his thoughts when the drones had swarmed around strapping themselves onto every capes wrist. Easier to identify the bodies when all is said and done I guess. He frowned. why was he thinking like this? wasn't there a chance they could drive tangle back with their numbers? There were dozens of heavy hitters here. a small smile had been starting to form on his face as he tried to grasp at the idea.

The universe decided it was time for its sick joke to play out however. A loud churning of concrete and metal had blasted from behind. That's when all hell broke loose.

He didn't remember when he had started running. Maybe it was when that damn plant reared its ugly head, or when someone had boomed out for everyone to scatter. It didn't mater now. Alex was tearing his way through the crowds, street and sidewalk cracking under his heavy steps as he ran full tilt with one destination in mind. There was no fighting that thing. The stream of names his bracelet continued to rattle off reinforced this fact in his mind. What could he even do? his barriers would shatter like glass against that genocidal plant, and his body would die within seconds of being meters away from tangles main body.

Alex only slowed down after almost running straight into a building. Windbreak Down So many already. Devilmask Down. He had to keep moving he had to- he stopped. Another cap nearby was desperately trying to defend another man on the ground bleeding heavily from what was left of his right arm and leg. A couple of Tangles plant minions were trying to get to her now, the frost blasting from her hands just barely keeping the writhing garden horrors away. Alex clenched his fists and swallowed hard. He couldn't just leave her or the man to their fate. looking around quickly, he realized there were at least a half a dozen other caps around him. He had to choke back bile at their mangled forms. Why? Why do so many have to die? how can anybody expect a bunch of low level caps to even survive any of this for more then a second? The league always does most of the work anyway.
Throwing his hands outward. Two aqua colored spheres enveloped the man and woman. Alex then yanked back his hands, causing the two to fly towards him like a pair of giant yo-yo's. The bubbles reached him in less then two seconds before popping. Alex turned his head to the woman and pointed to the man, His eyes now glowing the same light blue as his barriers behind the lenses of his makeshift knight helmet. " Get him to a healer NOW! he might be able to be saved. I'll cover you!" Alex turned his head and threw his arms back up again, generating a wall between the three of them just before the plant minions had time to rush in and attack. the wall gained some thickness after the plants had started to form cracks in it from their wild thrashing. The sound of footsteps quickly moving away was the only indication that the woman and the man had left. Alex didn't risk looking away to check and just hoped the man might make it.

As the minions were about to try going around Alex's wall, he shaped it to encircle the two and quickly seal the things in a bubble. Not wasting anymore time, He mentally pushed with all he had and flung the sphere several blocks down before letting it pop. Would rather not get into hand to hand with any of those. Best to just pluck and trow like they are a bunch of weeds. very deadly weeds. Satisfied with his plan of . . . attack, Alex began sprinting off again. Making sure now to try his best to either pull people out of danger or fling any minions he came across. A chime from his pocket caught his attention. Who was trying to contact him in all of this?! Then it hit him like a freight train. Dean, had to be. Skidding to a halt and pulling out his phone, a glance at the now somewhat cracked screen made his blood run cold.


That was one of several messages that Alex had somehow missed from Dean. all asking if he was ok or if he could find a way to get him some help. Aqua energy formed a disc next to Alex as he hopped on. flying would be faster. there was no time to loose if he wanted to get there before he was found. the sound of Tangle's rampage in the other direction gave Alex a grain of hope. he sped off through the air as fast as he could mentally push himself. pretty sure that there would be a massive headache and a nose bleed happening in a few minutes from the strain. Damnit why am i so slow?!? All the while he continued to hear a somewhat steady pass of cap named being rattled off to him by the wristband. He gave it a quick glance and scowled. For some reason it was starting to make him angry, like they needed a way to track the bodies. The thought drove him forward though, he wasn't going to let himself or Dean become a statistic. " We. Are. Not. Cannon fodder." Alex huff in frustration before continuing on. There was time to be angry later, Tangle was being fought, the other caps were become somewhat more coordinated as the moments passed. Alex had only one thing on his mind though. His friend needed to be rescued.