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Markus watched anxiously as Lucian and Molly conversed, knowing full well that Molly already knew that Markus himself was gifted, and probably knew that Lucian was as well seeing how she knew almost everything on anyone. But she only smiled when Lucian complimented her outfit. "Thank you, Lucian, I really am humbled to meet you. I hope that Markus here was able to give you one of the best tattoos you've ever had. And as for modeling, I have thought about it, only if you'd model some of our art, but that's only a suggestion." she said with a smile, then as she turned her expression changed when she looked at Markus.

"I will see you tomorrow, early as we'll need to talk. As for your question, Lucian. I have many, many stories about dear old Markus here, too many honestly. But I must be off, I only stopped by because I saw the lights on." she said as she gave Lucian one more smile, "And Markus, make sure to not make a mess of my store. If you're not out in fifteen minutes I'll be calling the police. Chao." Molly gave a wave of her hand as she left, the door closing behind her as she quickly left the two.

Markus finally exhaled sharply when she left, he though his head was going to explode during the whole confrontation. He slowly turned to Lucian as he spoke, "Well, you've met the boss and the owner of this place..She means well, just...very sharp. As well as she knows who I am, and who my parents were, it's why I have this job as a way of keeping me from causing trouble. But she is serious. She'll call the police if we dont get our asses out of here." Markus said as he quickly cleaned everything up and began to close the store down for the night.