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Ash nodded and gave a thumbs up to M'Kama. When the sound of a crash caught their ears, The Captain quickly pulled out his pistols again, making a speedy reload as the worm charged back towards them, spitting at Divon, but only to be tackled by the hound after. Fire seemed to be building in it's throat, strange that these beings all had such varied powers.

Luckily, Ash managed to be a little quicker building his own fire. He raised both pistols, firing one shot with his left blindly towards Divon, and the other towards the hound. The bullet found its mark on the hound, puncturing its neck and sending it into a slight stumble, loosening it's grip on the worm.

"Our friends appear to have been preoccupied old chum!" Ash called out to M'Kama. "I believe we would do well to re-grant them their freedoms, but perhaps carefully." He hinted, making it clear to both M'Kama and himself that they needed to be careful when taking this creature out.