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Ichiro' Apartment

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Takeshi squeezed Kochou's hand gently, and though pain and confusion was evident in the way that his eyes were beginning to change to a lavender hue, he was smiling softly at her.

"I'm not going anywhere,"
he told her. "I will never leave your side again. I promise."

Upon hearing Andrew from the other room, he sighed. "We should tend to him, as well. Or perhaps send Ichiro to him, once he's done, to calm him."


Ichiro moaned softly as he felt Luci reach his climax, and stilled as the outcome of his release trickled down his throat. He swallowed, and only when he was sure the demon had finished did he pull back with a smirk and wipe his mouth with the back of his hand.

Still knealing before Luscious, since the priest had kept his hands on his shoulders to keep him there, Ichiro nodded.

"Of course,"
he practically purred. "I will be at your beck and call. Summon me when you need release, and I will be there."

Something in the back of his mind, something like shame, nagged at the incubus, but he ignorer this small feeling for now.