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Image A small piece of metal dropped out from Andrew' wound, and he he looked at it, understanding what it was. Growling from the bottom of his heart, he took the blade again and turned it upside down, smashing the handle into the piece, making it melt away. This was some sort of upgraded form of magic. He winced and growled again, his voice echoing throughout the apartment. One thought echoing in his mind: "Tracker. Tracker. It was a tracker. They know where we are."

Kochou heard the growl and she heard Andrew' words in her mind, and she knew that Takeshi would too. They weren't safe even here, but all the other shinigamis and members of their big family were out there protecting or searching for their enemies. She hated this situation. Standing up, she let go of Takeshi' hand and walked over to the window, crossing her arms over her chest. "We need to pull all the strings of our allys. We need Fujin, we need everyone back. The war has only begun. I don't know if it was The Council, or someone else, but I will... end... them... all."

------------------------------ *** ------------------------------

Before letting Ichiro go, he placed half-tender, half-lustful kiss on boy's lips, then stood up and headed towards the door. While doing so, his demon form turned back into his original form and although his long white hair remained, they were messy. There was still a lot of sexual tension and energy in the room, but he managed to hold it inside. There were more concerning matters to attend to.

Walking out of the room, he saw Andrew and kneeled beside him for a moment: "You need to help from me, my friend. You found the best possible solution already." He nodded, placed his hand over Andrew' wound and healed it, leaving a pulsing and red scar on the skin. Then he stood up and walked into the bedroom, where Hikari' body was laying and where the room was filled with darkness due to Kochou' and Takeshi' rage growing.

Andrew was still dizzy and he tried to get his senses back to normal, but it was somehow really hard.