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Takeshi heard it, as well, but knew it wasn't really much of a secret where most of the family members lived. He watched his wife, remaining where he was by Hikari's side.

"You and I both, my love," he told her gently. "We will hunt these bastards down and make them pay for what they've done to us."

He glanced down and brushed a lock of hair away from Hikari's face. It always seemed that when things were going well for him, someone decided to mess it all up. But no matter what, he would be sure his family came out on top.


It took a minute for Ichiro to regain his composure. His head was swimming and his body was tingling as he came down from the high he received from Luci's immense sexual energy. Finally, he stood and exited the spare room just as the priest passed him to go into the room where they were keeping Hikari.

Ichiro hesitated, then instead of going to check on his sister, went into the living room where Andrew was standing and Hiromasa was lying unconscious. Noticing the shinigami's expression, he frowned slightly, still in a bit of a haze, and moved closer.

"Are you okay?" he asked, concern evident in his voice.