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Ichiro' Apartment

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Image Kochou took a deep breath in, and let it go as soon as she heard Lusci enter, who hurried next to Hikari and Takeshi. "This is bad. I haven't seen magic like this for centuries. Whomever managed to find it, they are either foolish to meddle with something like this or they come from a long line of Ancients," he kneeled down beside the bed and waited for Takeshi to brush her hair away from that beautiful face, then placed his hand over her forehead and closed his own eyes. "I can sense them, but they are locked in. Both souls," he murmured, starting to glow along with Hikari's body.

Kochou was just staring outiside, sensing that another wave of attackers were about to come at them. She was going to kill a lot that night...

------------------------------ *** ------------------------------

Andrew had managed to stand up, but still leaning against the living room wall, dizzy and having trouble to understand where exactly he was. His dark, short hair started to turn completely white, strand by strand.

There was a voice, so familiar and soon the face followed: "I... will... be. Now... that you... are... here, I... will be." He only managed to mutter, only to fall back onto his knees, into the small puddle of his own blood. Coughing, Andrew leaned his head back against the wall and just looked at Ichiro, smiling weirdly: "You look like an Angel... my... Angel..."