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located in Chiyo' Restaurant, a part of Victus Per Vitualamen, one of the many universes on RPG.

Chiyo' Restaurant

Popular restaurant.


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Image His husband had trained him well, when it came to protecting himself, plus some extra training from Inari-sama, whom seemed to be in many people' lives around here and was taking action stronger and stronger too.

Tomiko was used to being ignored, most of his life he was ignored and the fact that he had become close with Ichiro, Takeo and Chiyo was something totally new to him and hard to get used to from time to time. Thus he quietly sipped his wine and tried to be as invisible as possible.

"Yes, I have done many preparations," Chiyo replied to Raiden and offered a very loving smile, "I am prepared to recieve Kochou-sama and others anytime soon. As safe as the Apartments are, it isn't a safe as this place."

Since the chains were charmed, Takeo would not get out of them until the owner of the chains commanded it for being so. He hated this situation beyond measures, as it often was used as a punishment as well. The Kimura Prince glared at Raiden long and hard, growling specially deep and long.