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located in Chiyo' Restaurant, a part of Victus Per Vitualamen, one of the many universes on RPG.

Chiyo' Restaurant

Popular restaurant.


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Character Portrait: Asao Kimura
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Image Chiyo laughed softly, hearing Tomiko' small giggles from behind of him, then said to Raiden: "Then take the photo. It is good blackmail material, you know." He winked, sneakily and tossed a funny face at Takeo. Despite the harsh times they were having that day and evening, there was still some lightness to all of this.

Chiyo turned to look at Asao, and although the man was helping out, there was something suspicious about that one. He nodded, pulling on a professional face and held back a remark about how Asao was treating poor Kasumi. "Good," he replied in a stern tone that was usual among those not so close to him, "and this is Kasumi. He is one of the VPV." Then, nodded to Kasumi, softly and with care.

Takeo was making as loud noises as he could, only to fall over on his side with the bundle of chains he was wrapped into and with the chair. "I hate them all!" was all he could think. Even then, the sound of something heavy hitting the floor was kind of loud.

The young Akiyama Prince felt shivers run over his spine, when he heard the familiar voice speak. "H...hi," was all he could say, almost choking on his wine and starting to cough. "Just don't touch me, don't touch me... I won't be able to take this..." he was panicking in his mind.