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located in Ichiro' Apartment, a part of Victus Per Vitualamen, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ichiro' Apartment

Home of Ichiro Matsumori


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As Luscious spoke, Takeshi's gaze hardened. His eyes faded from lavender to deep red, the black of his pupils bleeding out into the irises.

"Yes," he hissed. "An ancient enemy. We will need to gather all the forces we can manage."


Ichiro was taken totally by surprise when Andrew pulled him into a kiss. After a moment, he responded with a soft moan and kissed him back. His head was still swimming and he still felt tingly when Andrew then confessed.

"You... You what?" he stammered, eyes wide.

It took a few more moments for him to process what had been said. Finally, he blushed even darker than before and leaned forward to kiss Andrew firmly again. He would have trouble saying it out loud, so he poured all his love and admiration into the kiss, and the soft touches as he ran his fingers through the man's white hair.